Monsoon makes way for Sevens football in Malabar 0

sevens football malabar

The dark clouds of monsoon had faded away,now its time for gods own country to recoup its love for football. The end of rainy season is always a good news for football fans in the state as it signals the start of new football season.The people in the southernmost part of the country is excited about the new season especially those in the football crazy Malabar region.

The reason for such excitement is not because of Indian Super League, But due to Malabar’s very own Sevens football.After a long wait , football fans are surely going to enjoy back to back live football actions from Friday onwards.

Fitwell Calicut will take on KFC Kaliyikkav in the first match of the season at Valappad on 10th November, which officially signals the start of new season.

About Sevens Football

Sevens football is undoubtedly the most popular format in the southern most part of the country. This mini format is bit different from the regular football matches as it allows teams to field only seven players in the starting line up. The size of the ground will be smaller and the rules regarding Red cards and Offside as also bit different. This format also allows teams to field a maximum of three foreigners in their starting line up.
The popularity of such small sided tournament’s are increasing and is definitely the most followed games in the southernmost state of India. The crowds for these tournaments reflects the popularity as most of these tournament’s are played in front big audience.

The Monitoring Authority

Sevens Football Association is the body entrusted with the duty of overseeing the leagues in the state. The association consist of representatives from different clubs, players and referees. They together formulates the rules for the game.

According to the latest update , there are 32 registered sevens football teams in the state and two other clubs namely, FC Goa and FC Mumbai will also take part in different tournament during the season.
Around 50+ registered sevens tournaments are scheduled for the season spread over 5 months. Its is expected to wind up the season before the start of rainy season.

The professional touch

Sevens football tournament’s has evolved over time and added bit professionalism to its structure. The participating teams are required to register themselves and their playerd with SFA.Teams are also required to register the names of guest players with the monitoring authority.
The players appearing in these registered sevens tournaments have medical insurance coverage too. The participating teams mostly signs footballers on contract basis , they also provides accomodation,travel facilities and basic amneties for the players.In fact sevens football is one of the highest paid domestic leagues in the country.


Teams have started their preparations well in advance by signing big name players and I League stars. It is also learnt that few high profile footballers will also make short cameo appearances during the season. Foreign players has already joined their respective sides and is expected to make big impacts during the season. Let’s hope for a good and exciting season ahead.