The Madrid Crisis 0

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The Madrid Crisis

Horrible and appalling are two words that could possibly explain the performance of Real Madrid against Levante. In the game, one thing which grabbed all the headlines in medias was the substitution of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese was restricted to play for the full ninety minutes. But evaluating his performance this season, the substitution made sense.

Well, this wasn’t the first time that Real Madrid portrayed this kind of performance. Time and time again we have seen Real Madrid in a similar situation and it is has been getting worse with every passing game. Though Real Madrid had been lackluster from the start of the season, things started to crumble from their defeat against Spurs and if we take a closer look at this very game it will sum up the way Real Madrid have been playing this entire season.

Defensively they look nervous, fragile and very narrow, opening up spaces, allowing opponents to pounce upon. Offensively, they are not fluid anymore and they are using the same formula of putting the ball in the box again and again which is being coolly dealt by their oppositions.
Clarity is what something Los Blancos are lacking this season.

Let’s have a look at few stats that suggest that Real Madrid is indeed having a torrid season.

1. Real lost consecutive home games for the first time since 2009

2. They were also held scoreless in consecutive home games for the first time since 2007

3. One of the shocks in their miserable season was the defeat at home to Villarreal for first time in history.

4. Annoying fact for Madrista fans are that their beloved team dropped 24 points this season (21 last year)

Already drifted from the title defense race in la liga, now only they have champions league to thrive this season, with their opponents being PSG in the round of 16, things will only be getting tougher for Zidane and the moment being PSG looks more and more terrifying for Los Blancos. An element of desperation to finish the season on a high note is something that Real Madrid desperately need and if this element of desperation meets the talent that Real Madrid possesses, then they are not be counted out against PSG.