WWE News Update 0


WWE News Update. (Vince handing over power in WWE, Rumored women’s matches at Mania and more)

1. Vince McMahon handed over control of 205 Live to Triple H.

Vince McMahon promised fans thathis involvement in XFL, won’t affect his involvement in WWE management and booking. However, if reports are to be believed, Vince has given up control of 205 Live over to Triple H. The last 2 episodes of 205 Live has been significantly different than it’s previous ones. The show is starting to look more like the Cruiserweight Classic and Triple H is the one to be thanked. Fuelling this rumor is the fact that WWE has signed Jeremy Borash of TNA and Triple H wants him in a personal group that would help him run NXT and maybe WWE as a whole in the future.

2. Dave Meltzer reported the rumored Women’s matches at Mania.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that WWE has 3 big Women’s matches planned for Wrestlemania. The Raw women’s title match would feature Alexa Bliss defending against Nia Jax. And the Smackdown Title match will see Charlotte defending against Asuka. This feeds the rumor that Ronda Rousey will be involved with Stephanie McMahon at Mania probably in a mixed tag team match featuring Triple H and a mystery male partner for Rousey, probably The Rock.

3. Broken Universe to be introduced in WWE?

Matt Hardy recently won all rights to his Broken universe in TNA. Also, Pro Wrestling Insider also reported that a WWE 24 episode is under works focusing on the Broken Universe. They also reported that a Final Deletion type production is in the works for WWE as well. For those of who are unaware, the Final deletion was a pre recorded match (like the House of Horrors at Payback) in TNA featuring Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy. The recording featured several comic characters such as Senor Benjamin and Matt Hardy’s real son King Maxel. Hardy’s wife, Rebbeca Sky was also involved. The Final Deletion was the reason Matt Hardy’s broken character got so over with the fans and WWE are apparently looking to replicate that with their own version.

4. Brock Lesnar announced for several House Show matches before Wrestlemania.

Brock Lesnar has been booked in several house show matches throughout march. On 3rd March, Lesnar would defend his Universal Championship against Kane at Chicago. Against both Braun Strowman and Kane in a Rumble rematch on 16th March at Madison Square Garden, New York. On 9th March, Brock will also be in a non title Champion vs Champion match against The Miz at his hometown of Minnesota. He has also been advertised at a Boston houseshow on 30th March although his opponent hasn’t been announced.

5. WWE confirms Jason Jordan’s injury.

WWE’s medical director, Dr Joseph Maroon has confirmed that Jason Jordan has undergone Neck surgery which has been successful. The minor surgery should keep Jordan out of action till well after Wrestlemania. Although WWE has issued a statement stating Jordan will be out of action ‘for an unknown amount of time’. However, rumors online do suggest this might be a work as Jordan’s wife had said in a Facebook post that Jordan has a minor injury and will be back in no time. Also, Jordan’s neck injury might be an attempt to re-create Kurt Angle’s broken freakin’ neck identity. Nothing is known for sure.