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uefa national league

What Is The Uefa Nations League?

The newly introduced tournament by the European football governing body UEFA,was born with the aim to replace meaningless friendlies with a series of more competetive games and avoid one-sided games by categorising them into 4 different leagues with opportunities to gain promotion or relagate down between stronger and weaker leagues.The tournament is set to take place every 2 years within the existing international match calender the first season kicking off in 2018/19

The Nations League is designed to allow teams to play against equally ranked teams.

The 55-nations will be divided into 4 mini-leagues (league A,B,C & D) with the allocation determined by each country’s UEFA rankings of November 2017 with the highest ranked teams in League A and the lowest ranked teams in League D.Each league consists 4 groups made of 3 or 4 teams per group.Teams will play each other on home and away basis.

The 4 group winners of League A will qualify to play the semi-finals and the winners proceeding to the final to determine the Uefa Nations League winners.The same format will be used to determine the winners of League B,C,D.The winners of each League between B,C,D will gain promotion to the above league but the losers or bottom placed teams in League A,B,C will relegate to the lower league for example if Germany finish as losers in League A they will relegate to play in League B.

What Does Nations League Have To Do With Euro 2020?
There is also a chance to qualify for the 2020 Euro with the play-offs of the tournament due to involve the 16 Nations League group winners.Each league has a path of its own and consist of two-leg semi-finals and once off final,the winner of each path will qualify for the Euro 2020.If they have already qualifed for the Euro 2020 the best-ranked team in their league will go to the play-offs.

The first fixtures start with match day one games between 06 September and 08 September 2018. The draw for the finals will take place in December (which include semi-finals and third-placed runner up fixture) which’ll be held between June 5th-9th 2019