5 Talking Points of Shakhtar V Roma Game 0

Cengiz Ünder

The game between Ukrainian champs and the Italian capital outfit ended in disappointment for the latter. But the game had some interesting points which are worth to be pondered about. Talk Sports 24X7 picks 5 such aspects from the game which were crucial in shaping the fate of the match:

1. The chemistry between Cengiz Under and Edin Dzeko

We’ve seen over the last 5 games the rise of Turkish 20 year old midfielder Under who scored in this game to give Roma the lead. Dzeko gave him a pitch perfect through ball that lead to the opening goal. The two of them operated in the same wave length and they understood each other quite well. Dzeko was very aware of Under and the way he moves. When you have two players who understand each other making good runs and passes and scoring opportunities then it becomes quite easy. Dzeko’s unwillingness to leave Rome in January has helped in the development of Roma’s youngster as he provides leadership to him that has really helped him understand the game. Despite a very poor second-half from Roma one could see multiple times during that first half the understanding they had between each other. Dzeko is going to be a really big part of Under’s development.

2. Sticking with the game plan

Roma had a brilliant first-half showing everything was going exactly the way they needed it to they got the away which is very important in this cup tie a win or a loss regardless an away goal would be important. Everything aligned really well in that first half the game plan was on they were on the attack they were aggressive. Problem became the second half they abandoned it which infuriated their manager. Instead of going aggressive they were just controlling and trying to hold on to the lead end results you saw shakhtar come back and win the game. It’s not all over for them as I’ve mentioned at home in this competition they are unbeaten and have yet to concede a goal. But they cannot allow that to happen once again they must stick with their game plan or they will be exposed once again if they stick with their game plan and play their game there’s no reason why they won’t come out on top in this round.

3. Shakhtar’s Brazilian threats

The Ukraine champions have often had explosive Brazilians in their team and their current team and in previous years. For shakhtar Donetsk they’re Brazilians really stuck out especially in their Midfield they gave Roma lots of problems throughout the second half and we’re threatening them in the first half as well. Their Midfield has so many Brazilian weapons to their disposal. With Fred Bernard Tasion and Marlos that is a collection of very explosive and dangerous Brazilians. Last night we saw a superb performance from all of them they control the Midfield they got forward and quite frankly or an absolute headache for Roma. Roma’s defense did a pretty good job on them in the first half but in the second half they were just too much for them to handle. If Roma want to Advanced quarterfinals they need to find a way to either stop them or counter what they are doing. They are dangerous and so many areas it will take a super performance to slow them down neutralizing them is what needs to be done for Roma with that being said that is a hard ask.

4. Cengiz Under scored his fist Champions League Goal

An historic night for the Turkish midfielder who scored his first Champions League goal as an away goal was earned. Unlike last season dzeko has not been scoring at the level he was a year ago maybe it’s age Maybe it’s getting used to a new atmosphere I’m not sure what it is. But with that being said Roma I finally have a player they can rely on a consistent basis. El Shaarawy and perotti are capable goal scorers but they haven’t had the consistency their team has needed. Under has scored in 4 games in a row he’s shown he can be that consistent goal scorer for Roma when their other stars are struggling to put it in the back of the net on the biggest stage in the Champions League he delivered it wasn’t him alone but he only continues to score. Roma have found a reliable goal scoring option when Dzeko rediscovers his goal scoring form the consistency of the Young Turk will only continue to influence the attack but for the periods where he’s not performing at his best under seems to have the capability of playing that role for Roma despite the loss he got them the goal they needed. Roma can rely on him to do the business when things aren’t flowing.

5. Shakhtar killed it in counter attack

the Ukrainian defending champions are no joke make no mistake about it. Roma at home in the Champions League are one of the best teams they have not been scored on yet that’s something that needs to be mentioned. However this shakhtar team is quick fast and are deadly on counter attack. They have quickness to make quick passes to get forward this is extremely dangerous especially in an important game like this the one time they got through on the counter they scored. They have small and quick players if they are allowed and able to get on the counter attack on a consistent basis they will be very difficult to stop we know how good Alison is he’s one of the best goalkeepers in the world but even a keeper like him May struggle with a constant counter-attack in his area. if they are able to get through on more than one occasion it could spell Doom for Roma their defense will have to play at an extremely high level to slow down what they can do if they get forward. Roma simply cannot allow a one-on-one situation because in all likelihood they will lose and especially at home this is a game they must win. This is probably the most dangerous part of this team it’s not only that but they have the right players to make this happen it is a cause for concern because as we have seen when they counter they are deadly.