UEFA Europa League Match Review : Atalanta vs Dortmund 0

unnamed 1 2 - UEFA Europa League Match Review : Atalanta vs Dortmund

5 Things to talk about Atalanta vs Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund travelled to Bergamo in Italy to Face Atalanta B.C in a mouthwatering fixture which promised a lot of things. After taking a one goal lead in the first half Atalanta conceded in the dying minutes of the game when substitute Marcel Schmelzer scored and took the black and yellows into the round of 16 of the Europa League. So here are the 5 talking points about this great encounter.

1. Poor Marking by BVB:

Atalanta vs bvb

As you can see in the picture above, Cristante was allowed to go through the Dortmund defense but unfortunately he couldn’t convert it or it would have been curtains for Dortmund. Dortmund should have had proper marking when they were trailing by a goal and when conceding another would have made it all over for the Germans.

2. Unbreakable Atalanta defense:


Atalanta vs bvb

Here you can see the number of men Atalanta had in their defense in the dying minutes of the game. This made difficult for Dortmund players to go through the defense and score. Close to stoppage time Schurrle had a clear opportunity to give the lead to Dortmund which was blocked Hateboer, which shows how tough it was to break their defense.

3. Burki the Saviour:

Atalanta vs bvb

In the dying minutes of the game Ilicic passed the ball to Papu Gomez who was out in the open and had enough time to score that goal which would have taken the Italians into the round of 16 but Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Burki came to the rescue throwing his body on the line to block the shot and keeping hopes alive for the Germans.

4. Lack of Proper finishing:

Both the teams lacked proper finishing in the game. Out of 9 shots, Atlanta had only 2 on target and in the case of Dortmund out of 12 shots had only 4 on target, so this is how poor both the clubs were in their finishing.

5. Poor Coordination in Defense:

Both the team had poor coordination in their defense which lead to the 2 goals in the match. Atalanta’s goal was a result of a poor outing by Burki and lack of proper marking as well which lead to Toloi scoring in an empty goal whereas in Dortmund’s goal Berisha failed to smother the ball which Reus sent into the penalty area which found Schmelzer who scored a comfortable goal for the Germans