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5 Biggest Winners and Losers from the Elimination Chamber PPV

Elimination Chamber just wrapped up. Raw’s final stop on the road to Wrestlemania is over. We get a clear idea of what the Raw side of the Wrestlemania supercard will look like. Let’s check out the 5 biggest winners and losers from this year’s Elimination Chamber PPV:

5 biggest losers:

5. Bray Wyatt

Quite frankly, Bray is really on this list because there needed to be 5. Bray Wyatt, the character has completely been ruined already. He has been buried more times than he can possibly recover from. A loss to Matt Hardy did nothing for him. He lost credibility although he doesn’t have much to lose anymore and the feud lost any appeal it ever had.

4. John Cena

John Cena wins. This is not only an online meme, but a character trait of Big match John. He never loses, that is why when he does lose, it feels so big of a deal. That is why when he lost clean to Kevin Owens, it catapulted KO’s popularity. Cena, who had been pinned clean only 3 times throughout 2012-2014, has now lost more matches clean since then than he has in his entire career. A Mania loss to The Rock, a summerslam loss to Daniel Bryan and a Summerslam loss to Brock Lesnar were the only 3 clean losses Cena had between 2012 and 2014. The aura he possesses has been diminished a lot. He can still bounce back, but he needs to start winning again. This John Cena isn’t the one everyone is used to seeing and we would really like the old one back.

3. Absolution

Absolution and Riott Squad debuted with huge impact in either brand. One team ran out of steam real fast and the other kept looking promising. Absolution was the latter. Under the guidance of Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville run roughshot throughout the Raw women’s division but Paige’s unfortunate injury at the hands of Sasha Banks really stunted their progress. And the two have yet to regain their momentum. Being eliminated first and second in the Chamber doesn’t help though. They need to start racking up wins if they are to have a prominent spot on the Mania card.

2. Elias

Eias has been on a roll since late December last year. Properly over with the crowd and entertaining as hell, Elias was on his way to deliver his life’s greatest performance at Wrestlemania. But he entered the Chamber last and got eliminated barely 5 minutes in. Building up Elias for months to give his first main event spot only to throw it away for nothing is really sad to see. Hopefully, Elias will find a way to deliver the best performance of his life anyways at the grandest stage of them all.

1. Matt Hardy

Woken Matt Hardy puts us to sleep. Boring, one dimensional and not even close to his Impact persona, his first feud has also been abysmal. Unless WWE gives Matt the creative control over a Final Deletion type production, there is no way Hardy bounces back from his current situation. The crowd chanted Rusev Day and several other things throughout the match and didn’t care one bit about the match. WWE needs to set their mind right about the Woken persona to get Hardy’s career back on track.

5 biggest winners:

5. Nia Jax

Nia Jax had probably the best match of her entire career at Elimination Chamber. She looked like a legit threat to Asuka who is undefeated for over 850 days. Asuka finally got the win over her in a scrappy roll up. This made Nia look strong without hurting Asuka much as well. Nia Jax almost made sure by losing her spot on the Mania card that she would be surely on the Mania card. A title match against Alexa Bliss looks to be on the horizon.

4. Bayley

Bayley, much like several others, did awesome in NXT and was destroyed on the main roster. Jobbing out to Alexa Bliss on multiple occasions, she was booed thoroughly for quite some time. A bad showing in the Royal Rumble hurt her as well, but she had an amazing performance in the Elimination Chamber helped her a lot. Starting the match with Sonya Deville and lasting to be 3rd in the match, Bayley even got a couple eliminations and looked strong as Sasha turned heel on her. Speaking of Sasha,

3. Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks might just be the greatest female performer in WWE history. There, I said it. She is way better than Trish Stratus or any other stalwart of the Women’s division in the ring and she is amongst the best on the mic as well. But moreover, Sasha knows how to work the crowd in a match. Charlotte, Bayley, Alexa Bliss all had their best matches against Sasha Banks. If WWE continues turning Sasha heel, she might have a run as succesfull as Charlotte’s heel run late 2016.

2. Roman Reigns

The Big Dog is going Beast Hunting at Wrestlemania” – Michael Cole. Indeed Roman is. The selling point of the match should be the 2 in 23 and 2 facing each other. Heyman should say exactly this on Raw tonight. Roman Reigns is a great worker. He is great in ring, he understands the psychology of a match. He has one of the best timings in the roster almost at par with Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. Roman Reigns is over enough to continue being on the top despite the negativity. He is one of the biggest draws in the wrestling world as of now and rightfully so. A Lesnar-Reigns match will bring in enough money to keep the McMahons content for Wrestlemania.

1. Braun Strowman

I think we all agree, Braun Strowman is the best thing since sliced bread. Debuting as an inexperienced big man who could barely move, let alone wrestle, he progressed immensely since his Wyatt family days. And we can reap the rewards now. Going non stop during his entire time, spending barely 5 minutes down on the ground. He kept going and going and never looked tired. Moreover, he eliminated every single participant in the match except eventual winner Roman Reigns and then proceeded to take out Reigns just for good measure. He deserves to be in the main event spot at Wrestlemania just for the amount of buzz he has created throughout the last year and a half. It is for sure, we the fans are not finished with Braun yet.