Up Close and Personal | Delhi Boy Luv Kapoor Speaks Out His Mind After Joining Spanish Side Palamos C.F 0

Luv Kapoor

Just few days ago, the news of Delhi boy Luv Kapoor joining Palamos C.F, the oldest club in Catalunya made headlines across all prominent media agencies. The boy who played in U-19 level in Delhi struck a deal with the Spanish 4th tier side which according to many was a notable achievement.

We decided to catch-up with the player himself, willing to know about his dreams and plans for the future.

TS 24X7: How are you looking forward to this opportunity of training in Palamos C.F setup Luv?

Luv: Well , I think it’s a massive opportunity for me signing with Palamos ,a Tercera division club not only to improve myself as a player but also to demonstrate my capabilities at a very good platform. I hope to make full use of it and hope to play as many matches I can in order to help the club fight through the relegation zone . Ultimately, you never know that you might get a call from the Indian national team !

TS 24X7: We heard that ‘Perfect Football’, a Spanish Football Academy helped you in securing the contract. How were you associated with Perfect Football and enlighten us how this deal took place?

Luv: I came in touch with Perfect Football about a year back through Instagram. My friend who was with me in FC Metz Academy had recently signed a contract with Jupiter u19 in spain sometime in the summer of 2017 . Therefore, at that time Perfect Football had contacted me as well to come to Spain for trials. Unfortunately , I was in London back then already playing for Woolwich FC as well as doing a foundation course in a college.
So, once the season and studies got over I came to spain in October-November 2017 and gave trials for 4 clubs including Palamos . By God’s grace I had got selected for 3/4 clubs Ultimately, I chose Palamos since it was in a higher league and the most reputed of all .

TS 24X7: There had been several news in India on you joining the Catalan outfit but there were not enough clarifications regarding what would be your exact role. We would like to know from yourself that what exactly is in the contract? Is it training in their setup or is their probability of making into their first team as well?

Luv: I am a part of the team now I have signed a contract with them for this remaining season. The contract is not a professional contract but an amateur contract under FIFA , which means the club will not be paying me to play official matches however they might give me some perks like housing facilities ,gym ,etc. In Tercera division almost all players have an amateur contract and so is mine. However I am very much part of the team and in the playing squad !

TS 24X7: You have played U-19 level football in Delhi and from thereon you set sails for Europe. Let us know why you felt that it would be better to move to Europe than grinding yourself in professional setup in India?

Luv: I was 14 when the trainers of FC Metz had selected me to come to France from my School in mussoorie ( St. George’s college ) They had come to select youngsters from India to train with the fc metz formation .
After two years of intense training at Metz and I had left Metz and chose to play in the UK (London) where I was giving my a levels as well . I gave several trials in London for clubs like Hampton & Richmond FC , Brentford FC and AC London. However I never got to sign for any of these clubs but only train with them . So I chose to return back to my country and play u19 I league for BBFS.

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I always had a dream to make it big in Europe and to demonstrate myself in the world’s biggest footballing continent . I knew I had the potential and the skills . Therefore I don’t think their was any need of grinding myself in pro football in India . With this in mind and sheer determination I headed off to London again where I played for woolwich and now of course Palamos in Spain. I want to make it big and represent my country at the biggest platform! Europe is my goal!

TS 24X7: You trained in England and also in FC Metz Academy in France. How had these trainings enriched you as a player according to you and how different were the training methods there compared to the ones you had in India?

Luv: I have completely evolved as a player since the time I left to France .My game style has become much quicker and decision making while on the field has become rapid . Both technically and physically I have massively improved.
I went to France as a striker came back as a midfielder! I started to adore winning tackles keeping possession along with my teammates, not dribbling much and ultimately helping my teammates (strikers ) score goals. In India, I think the training methods were completely different back then however now things are changing. It was more of dribbling as many opponents as you can , concentrating more on fitness without ball , neglecting technical training with ball, all in all it was more of a physical game and less of mind and tactics! I think what Indian football and even the youngsters should learn from European style football is that their is no ‘I’ in football but only ‘WE’ ( a unit , a team)!

TS 24X7: Now you are in Palamos and Bhopal’s Ishaan Sahi has also struck deal with them. Do you guys train together or are the set-ups are completely different?

Luv: Yes, me and Ishaan share the same house provided to us by Palamos . However, he is only training with Palamos C.F. as he has signed a contract with a lower division club and plays matches for them . We both train together twice a week ,rest of the days he is supposed to train with the other club . We both have different set-ups altogether.

TS 24X7: Luv, what’s next? Pursuing your career in Europe or coming back to India if you get opportunity?

Luv: Right now I am just concentrating at my time in Palamos , I want to play at my best here and probably open new doors for myself . It doesn’t matter if it’s for clubs in India or Europe as long as I am improving.
I would love to come back and play for an ISL team in India!

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TS 24X7: You said you would like to play for some ISL franchise one day if you get offer but why not I-League as it is also top flight?

Luv: Yes , I-league is a big league although it is classified in the second division of India. Since I want to improve the most I would like to prefer ISL.

TS 24X7: One final question. In 10 years time from now, where and how does Luv Kapoor wants to see himself?

Luv: 10 years! That’s a long time to be honest . Although , I would like to see myself settled down playing for a big club , by then I would like to make a huge name for my country in football , at the same time I would like to see myself as an idol for many youngsters and be an inspiration for millions! Lastly I would like to help as many young boys /girls as I can to fulfill their dreams.