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February has been a predictable month for WWE as is the usual trend just before Wrestlemania. But we have seen a lot of good wrestling and some unpredictability from Vince. Most action however happened on Raw as Elimination Chamber, this month’s only PPV was a Raw branded one. Raw went as far as breaking multiple records with one single match which clocked over 2 hours in time and had one certain performer fight for over an hour in the ring. The top 10 performers in WWE for the month of February are as follows:

10. Cedric Alexander – The 205 Live reboot has given us a much better quality of wrestling. Every match of the Cruiserweight Championship tournament has been great, but no one has been more impressive than Cedric Alexander. His win against TJ Perkins or TJP as he is known now, had been great and his matches on Raw tagging with Mustafa Ali was impressive as well. Cedric was primed to challenge Enzo Amore before he was released and stripped of his title and he looks like the favorite to win the tournament as well. Also, his finisher, the Lumbar Check is the best finisher in the 205 Live roster.

9. AJ Styles – AJ Styles, or the whole Smackdown Roster as a matter of fact has had a pretty lousy February. But with Wrestlemania nearing and AJ Styles still holding on to his WWE Championship, he had 2 great matches on Smackdown against Baron Corbin and John Cena. Beating Corbin and losing to Cena, Styles is set to defend his title in a 6 way match at Fastlane which he is sure to win. His performances are the only thing keeping Smackdown Live relevant and watchable honestly and without him Smackdown won’t be the same.

8. Sasha Banks – No one has seen more character developement in February than Sasha Banks. Although Bayley has had an equally good month, Sasha’s work in the Chamber and on all the Raw episodes has been spectacular. I have already stated Sasha is the greatest female worker in WWE history and I will stand by it. Her heel turn is on the verge of completion and if Sasha and Bayley get a match on the Wrestlemania card they can surely emulate their classic at TakeOver a few years ago.

7. Elias – Elias had a stellar start to the year. Samoa Joe’s injury made him John Cena’s de facto rival in the Rumble and weeks following that. His work on the mic is incredible. The crowd is always behind him and never forget, WWE stands for Walk With Elias. Elias’ popularity reached such a height that his T-Shirt became the biggest seller in WWE’s shop online, selling even more than the Rusev day shirts. Although he did nothing in the Chamber match, Elias did get a clean pinfall victory over John Cena on Raw in a triple threat involving Braun Strowman as well. Hopefully we get Elias’ performance of his life at Wrestlemania.

6. Finn Balor – Finn Balor was slowly slipping into irrelevancy but his pairing with his old buddies Gallows and Anderson revitalized him and brought him back to the main event scene. A good showing in the Elimination Chamber and great performances on Raw whenever he steps in the ring should earn him a spot on the Mania card. A program with The Miz over the Intercontinental Championship seems to be in works and we would love to see The Club take on The Miztourage. If Miz is to drop the title to anyone, Finn Balor is my pick.

5. The Miz – Speaking of The Miz, he had some great promo work on Raw as he always has had and some might say he is closing in on a face turn. Getting beat by both Balor and Rollins when Kurt Angle forced Miz to face both back to back, Miz earned the crowd’s sympathy. Also his chicken-heel work at the Chamber was perfect. The Miz will finally go into Wrestlemania as Intercontinental Champion and a multi man match seems to be most likely. And if anyone can sell a multi man match being unfair, its The Miz.

4. Roman Reigns – He had to be somewhere on the list. Although Reigns was the first to be eliminated in the Gauntlet match on Raw, his one on one with Seth was the best of all that followed. A victory in the Chamber and a kick ass promo on Raw got the crowd behind Reigns. And crowds getting behind Roman Reigns is the rarest thing in wrestling. He also had great matches on every Raw and also sold an assault by Braun Strowman perfectly after the Chamber match. Lesnar vs Reigns looks to be set as the main event of Mania and Reigns certainly helped sell that with his work.

3. Alexa Bliss – Throughout mid January and February Alexa Bliss showed signs of a face turn. Aiding the other women against Absolution and helping Mickie James at every opportunity, she got the crowd confused whether to cheer or boo her. Finally she had a heroic performance at Elimination Chamber, where she won the match overcoming all odds. Although she entered last, she had to beat both Sasha Banks and Bayley to be victorious. The twisted Bliss off the top of a pod into Sasha on the steel was one hell of a spot. And to top it all off, she cut an emotional babyface promo after the match to get the crowd chanting ‘You deserve it’ to her only to swerve them all and insult them remaining heel. Alexa Bliss deserves to walk into Mania with the Raw Women’s title.

2. Braun Strowman – The Monster among Men is never disappointing. Whenever he is on TV he does something worth talking about. Whether it’s bringing out a double bass and smashing it over Elias or eliminating 5 men in a single Elimination Chamber match. Braun is always on a path of destruction. Some might fear he is a bit directionless heading into Wrestlemania but he won’t be wasted at the grand stage, we can all hope. Joining the fray in the IC title match looks most likely and a victory at Wrestlemania would be the most welcome for Braun.

1. Seth Rollins – My Wrestler of the Month for February is Seth Freakin’ Rollins. Only if WWE allowed its wrestlers to unleash their full potential we could see what Seth Rollins is actually made of. The former Tyler Black usually did Phoenix Splashes for fun and would go crazy at times flying all over the ring. He showed some of that raw talent in the Gauntlet match as he pinned John Cena and Roman Reigns clean before being eliminated by Elias. Also, he started the Chamber match and made it all the way to the top 3 with Braun and eventual winner Roman Reigns. Ever since Seth got back his Curbstomp, he hasn’t looked back. An IC title shot at Mania looks most likely, and we can welcome seeing him in a multi man match where he can easily steal the show.