12th Manipur State League Abandoned as AMFA Scratches Nine Clubs From The League 0

images 7 - 12th Manipur State League Abandoned as AMFA Scratches Nine Clubs From The League

12th Edition of the Manipur State League Abandoned

In a memorandum issued today by All Manipur Football Association, the Association has decided to scrap the 12th Manipur State League after the state association has failed to arrive at unanimity with the participant club officials. Nine of the twelve clubs participating in the tournament has been scratched by AMFA. The clubs are: TRAU SC, Sagolband United, Young Physique’s Union, North Imphal Sporting Association, Dimapur Road Athletic Organisation, FC Zalen, Muvanlai Athletics, Anouba Imagi Mangal and Nambul Mapal Athletic and Cultural Organisation.

The decision of scratching the teams was taken on 31st March in the Executive Committee Meeting. AMFA General Secretary L. Jyotirmoy Roy said, ”The All Manipur Football Association will abandon the 12th Manipur State League 2017-18 as no concrete solution could be thrashed out about the vexed dispute between the participant teams and the AMFA”. After the scratching of the 9 teams of the 12 team league, only three teams are left viable and as a consequence the league has been abandoned by AMFA.

The clubs are not at all happy at this decision by AMFA. Phulen Metei, the Secretary of TRAU SC, the I-League 2nd Division side who are one of the nine teams scratched by AMFA said, ”Need a serious thought in this regard. We are the ones who are promoting football in the region. Their has been many hue and cry to this decision”. As it seems, it is remaining as an unfinished business as a positive outcome has to be arrived at by both parties for the sake of football in Manipur.