The Undertaker Returns 0

IMG 20180409 071447 680x378 - The Undertaker Returns

The Deadman is back!

WWE pulled off an impressive segment. After all the wait, all the speculations, it finally happened!

So the segment began with Cena Coming back to the ring in his Wrestling gear. But just then an official came from backstage to tell Cena that there’s some problem. Cena is visibly angry at the official, and he leaves the ring. As he leaves the ring, the lights go out.
Everyone thinks this is The Undertaker, but WWE hilariously trolled us. It was Elias afterall, there’s some back and forth trash talk. Cena returns to his seat (in the crowd), but soon returns to beat Elias with a AA. Cena is visibly upset. He unwillingly does his pose on the turnbuckle and leaves the ring.

But finally, after all this nonsense, the lights go out. And we get a visual of The Undertaker’s robes in the ring. This was the same hat and jacket that he had left in the ring last year after his loss to Roman Reigns. We get an awesome Thunder like visual upon those robes, reminiscent of The Deadman’s Supernatural powers.

Finally, the gong sounds. And The Undertaker appears in The Super Dome.
What an entrance it was! Honestly, we will never be tired of the elaborate entrances by The Deadman. Cena is shocked to see Taker.

The match begins with vicious attacks from The Undertaker. We see some old school moves by The Undertaker. Moreover, he is looking in Great shape. The Undertaker has never looked so fit and so good in shape.

Cena tries a five knuckle shuffle, but he is shaken! Cena is stunned to see Taker get up so abruptly. Finally, Taker goes for a Tombstone Piledriver on Cena.

1,2,3. And it’s over! The Deadman has got his Revenge. Four years later, he has conquered his opponent in the very same building where his Streak was broken!

Even though the match wss very short, but still, seeing this epic Dream match, was a delight in itself! Moreover, seeing The Undertaker so fit is a treat in itself!