5 Takeaways From India V New Zealand Women’s Basketball Match In CWG 2018 0

images 2 - 5 Takeaways From India V New Zealand Women's Basketball Match In CWG 2018

Indian women’s basketball team got blown out against New Zealand in a crushing 90-55 defeat to end their CWG campaign. Some points to be noted: –

1. Offensive Struggles:

India continued to have offensive struggles as they were unable to score 20 or more points in any of the 4 quarters against a tight New Zealand offensive core. No adjustments worked for India as the offense looked sluggish again.

2. Turnover worries:

India turned the ball a horrific 25 times. This was the sole reason for not getting into an offensive groove. Defense also fell apart in those fast breaks and the rhythm of the game was never on their side.

3. Bad Defense:

Turnovers led to a 63% shooting night for New Zealand inside the 3-pt line. Despite having a cold night from 3, they managed a healthy 45% overall just because of fast breaks and easy baskets.

4. Foul troubles:

India gave up 18 free throws as New Zealand secured 13 easy points from the line. Lack of discipline was shown on the defensive end as well and to make it worse they only managed 9 foul shots and converted 4.

5. Lost rebounding battle:

India got outrebounded by 42-32 giving up 14 second chances. Turnovers didn’t help as New Zealand threw more salt by adding their chances up. India never learned from their mistakes of previous games and got obliterated by their oppositions the whole tournament.

Both Indian women’s and men’s team were unable to manage a single victory as they ended their journey with this defeat. It was clear there was not adjustment from coaching staffs and players. They went out without a game plan and never learned from their mistakes. At this level, with these kinds of effort, India can expect nothing from either of their Basketball teams in the big stages. Let’s see how they respond.