Sergio Ramos Not Getting Match-Ban by UEFA But The Rules Are Saying Something Else! 0

images 12 - Sergio Ramos Not Getting Match-Ban by UEFA But The Rules Are Saying Something Else!

Sergio Ramos has broken the UEFA’s Disciplinary Rules by apparently “entering the stadium’s tunnel” at Santiago Bernabeu while being suspended for the match against Juventus two days ago.

Sergio Ramos received a yellow card Juventus and he as a suspended player he had access to enter the tunnel and even have talks with Juventus players and coach Allegri after the match. Today, UEFA had announced that they will not take disciplinary actions against Ramos with the excuse that he had not “broken” the rules of entering higher up the pitch surface.
But you will be utterly surprised once you read the UEFA’s disciplinary rules!


RULE 20:Prohibition to access the changing rooms, being placed in the substitute bench or having access to any environment. The prohibition to access the changing rooms or occupying the substitute bench deprives the player/person to enter those or have an approach to the football pitch and most important, to the bench.

RULE 21: Prohibition to access stadiums. Prohibition to access stadiums deprives player/person the right to enter the stadiums.

Breaking such rules would result to Ramos having another match ban.
Remember that Xabi Alonso once was banned for the same reason back in 2014 UCL final because he ran onto the pitch, although he was suspended. In this case, Ramos was sent off in 1st leg and he had access to even enter the tunnel and have talks with opposition players. He could’ve missed the 1st leg against Bayern but he escaped with it too.

CORRECTION: Ramos was suspended, not sent off. But still, the rules apply to everyone.