Interview of Sanroy D’Sousa, The Tale Of A Goan Teenager Excelling In Football Agency 0

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There is a person behind every successful deal of a player to a club commonly known as a football agent. A Football Agent is a person who looks after the off field work of the player so that the player can solely focus on his on field football career.

TalkSports 24X7 caught up with one such agent who is one of the youngest agents in the Indian Football Circuit Sanroy D’Sousa, a young boy from Goa. In a discussion with us, Sanroy D’Sousa encompassed several topics from his Journey in becoming an agent to the Craze of Football in Goa

• TS 24X7: How you came into this world of agency at such a young age?

• Sanroy D’Sousa : Football has been a game I have always loved right from the age of 7-8. I had been following I-League and ISL with having a love for Dempo Sports Club, which was the Indian Club I started following. Over the Years I built contacts with Footballers who eventually became my close friends. Later on I built relationship with various club owners and technical directors. A thought had struck me, I was very fascinated by the way a football agent works so decided to step into it and give it a try, which turned out to be a great experience. I first began with few Amateur Players and placed them in a state league, now I have moved on to a bigger scale with my clients being placed in I-League and ISL.

• TS 24X7: Is there any other football or sports related activities that you are attached with?

• Sanroy D’Sousa : I am only representing footballers and placing them in clubs for now. In Future I Plan to venture into starting a football club.

• TS 24X7: Tell us some unknown stories regarding dealing with players which people don’t know but is interesting. Any event that you remember?

• Sanroy D’Sousa : Basically a client is like a family member/Brother, and we want to give the best possible option to them. Sometimes its difficult when you aren’t able to find them a club which is quiet frustrating at times.

• TS 24X7: Failing to make which deal made you most upset till date? And also which deal made you most happy?

• Sanroy D’Sousa : There have been number of times my players have been rejected by clubs but I have never given up and succeeded with a number of successful signings. I am not upset with the failed deals but happy with the successful ones and hoping for many more in the future. My first major foreign deal coming through the new head coach of Gokulam Kerala FC, Mr. Fernando Santiago Valera.

• TS 24X7: What obstacles are you facing in the world of football Agency in Indian circuit as a new and aspiring agent?

• Sanroy D’Sousa : I have experienced that many clubs lack professionalism. There are people who don’t treat agents well. So at times it varies with the club you speak too.

• TS 24X7: Being a young boy from Goa, how do you see the craze of the game of football among your contemporaries?

• Sanroy D’Sousa : Goa is known as the land of Sea, Sand and Football. The state of Goa in terms of Indian football is very bad at the moment. Goa loosing out of the Santosh trophy in group stages, Churchill Brothers getting relegated from the I-LEAGUE leaving no Goan team in top Flight for the very first time. Return of Dempo would be a major boost to Goan Football.

• TS 24X7: How and where do you envision yourself in 5 years time from now? More deeply attached into agency or some other plans?

• Sanroy D’Sousa : I am planning to complete my studies alongside focus on this. I don’t know what lies ahead for me but I definitely would continue with Aegis Sports Management which is owned by me along with my Partners.

• TS 24X7: Thanks for your time Sanroy!

• Sanroy D’Sousa : Thank You!