5 Contenders Who Can Fill Wenger’s Shoes At Arsenal 0


Arsene Wenger on Friday morning announced that he is prepared to move on from the club he’s been in charge of for almost 22 years. The Frenchman leaves the club having won 3 league titles and 7 FA Cup titles among other major titles but the question in everyone’s mind right now is who will replace him? We take a look at the 5 candidates who are top contenders to replace him.

1. Carlo Ancelotti:

Possibly the most red hot favourite candidate for Arsenal at the moment.The experienced Italian have won at the biggest stage and have vast Premier League experience having led Chelsea to the league championship in 2010,Ancelotti who is currently living in London is free to take up the vacant post next season.

2. Patrick Viera:

One of the most intruiging choices would be Patrick Viera,the former Gunners skipper is capable albeit having less experience in European football management I reckon he would be a good appointment looking at his contribution to both Manchester City where he was a reserve coach and MLS’s New York City where he had great impact.More over Viera understand the club culture and mentality very well,it would be a good roll of a dice to appoint him.

3. Luis Enrique:

Makes up a top class profile and could offer Arsenal a dynasty. Arsenal should go for someone whose football style will not throw away the club’s identity and philosophy and Enrique who has a great record at Barcelona fills the criteria.

4. Massimilliano Allegri :

Though he is still contracted to Juve,Allergi would be a good fit for Arsenal he is a tactically aware and capable manager.Won multiple honours with Juventus including a league hattrick and led Juventus to 2 Uefa Champions League finals in 3 seasons.

5. Leornado Jardim :

If Arsenal are looking to replace Wenger with fresh blood then Leornado Jardim is their man,the young AS Monaco manager is tactically flexible and carries a great believe and trust in building a team.Last season’s Ligue 1 triumph proved he can compete with big guns and win with a youthful team without having to spend insane amount of cash on transfers.