ICC Plays the Role of A Third-Umpire in A Village Match! 0

ICC Plays the Role of A Third-Umpire in A Village Match!

Cricket is treated like a religion in few countries of southern part of Asia. This game is played with great passion and joy among natives of these countries. And because of this craze ICC also had to get involved in a cricket match which was merely played in a village area!

The International Cricket Council (ICC) played a role of third umpire in a tennis ball match played in a village. Yes, a fan named Hamza asked ICC about a decision through a video. He asked whether the batsman is out or not by uploading a video and tagging ICC in that.

In the video, the batsman can be seen trying to smash the ball but managing to only dab it in front. Due to windy conditions, the ball retracts, sneaks between his legs and hits the wicket. While the bowler claims the wicket, the batsman protests.

To which ICC replied with replied with a tweet and informed that according to law 32.1 this batsman is out.

For those who don’t know, as per the ICC’s law 32.1 on playing conditions, ‘The striker is out bowled if his wicket is put down by a ball delivered by the bowler, not being a no ball, even if it first touches the striker’s bat or person.’ Meanwhile, many believed that the video was shot in Pakistan; however, there was disagreement over whether it was from the mountainous north or the plains of Sindh. Wherever be it from, the gesture of International Cricket Council has won applauds from around the globe.