Bad Times Continue For David Warner As He Loses His Third Baby! 0

images 18 2 - Bad Times Continue For David Warner As He Loses His Third Baby!

Another shocking news arrived for Australian cricketer David Warner yesterday. Ball tampering already was a big shock for him. He also got banned for 12 months because of this along with Steve Smith and also Bancroft who got 9 months banned. Warner has still not recovered from the shock of ball tampering but for him bad days are not ending.

This time the news is from off the field. David Warner lost his third baby child. Warner’s wife Candice revealed this while speaking to Australia Women’s weekly on Wednesday that they lost their unborn child only 7 days after Warner’s press conference in Sydney in March. “I was bleeding. We knew I was miscarrying. We held one another and cried,’ she said. “The miscarriage was a tragic consequence, a heartbreaking end to a horror tour,” she added.

The bad times doesn’t seem to end for David Warner who himslef confirmed this news by posting it on his instagram. He posted – “When you’re living the dream you must enjoy every moment of it regardless of the highs and lows. We as a family have been through one of the toughest times ever the last few months but nothing will ever stop us from being just us. I have three of the best girls in the world that I cherish and love every single waking day. I am truly blessed with this!! My wife my rock has endured pain, disappointment, regrets in her past and so many highs and lows but the courage Candice has shown in recent months is a testament to the qualities she has as a mother, person, friend and wife. I’m grateful every day I get to call her my wife and my soul mate, I wouldn’t want it any other way,”