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Welcome to Talk Sports 24X7 WWE Monday Night RAW Review. Today we take a look at the 5 major talking points from the May 28th edition of WWE Raw. The show was main evented by a Woman’s Gauntlet Match, the winner of which would enter the Woman’s MITB ladder match.

1. Balor and Strowman:

This week, we got another match between Finn Balor and Braun Strowman. This is quite interesting. Is WWE planning to go forward with this feud Post Money In The Bank? Making this feud for the Universal title will be absolutely amazing. On one side would be a crowd favourite monster, and on the other side it would be the First Universal Champion.

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2. The B-Team and Tag Titles :

The B-TEAM, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas had organised a Barbeque party for the other Tag Teams so that they could win over their favour and get an opportunity at the Raw Tag Titles.
This obviously didn’t go well, and it eventually turned into a Food fight, which was really ridiculous. At the end however, Kurt Angle announced that next week there will be a Tag Team battle royale to determine the challenger for the Raw Tag Titles.

3. Sami and Bobby :

We are back to this awful segment, once again.
After that horrible stuff with Lashley sister’s last week, Sami Zayn wanted to give an official Apology to Lashley. Instead he went on with his ridiculous rants about how Lashley was a Bully.
This obviously led to match between Lashley and Zayn at Money In The Bank. This is pathetic and ridiculous, because WWE is not at all utilising these two talented performers to their full potential.

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4. Heel Nia :

Nia Jax cut a very Heel-ish promo in a ‘Display’ of how she will counter Ronda’s attacks and how she will Crush her. This was an okayish segment.
However, things look interesting because WWE is probably planning to get Ronda the belt at MITB (or in the next PPV).

5. Sasha Banks Qualifies :

Sasha Banks won the Women’s Gauntlet Match, and has now become the last woman to qualify for the Woman’s Money In The Bank Ladder match. This match will be really interesting to see, Specially whom will WWE trust with the briefcase now!