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Welcome back to Talk Sports 24×7 WWE Smackdown Review.
Today we take a look the 5 major talking points of May 29th edition of WWE SmackDown Live. The show was main evented by a Triple Threat match, the Winner of which will enter the MITB ladder match.

1. Less Matches, More Segments :

In a rather odd turn of events, this episode of SmackDown Live saw only four televised matches (excluding the dark matches) and the rest was simply backstage segments.

Tye Dillinger

2. Tye Dillinger’s Jobbing Continues :

Another week, another jobbing performance from Dillinger, after he lost to Shinsuke Nakamura. Honestly, WWE is just being lazy with him and so many talented wrestlers in the company at the moment that is really painful to watch.

3. Dance Off Segment

After so many years, we got a decent dance off segment between Lana and Naomi, who were accompanied by Rusev-Day and Usos respectively. Obviously this led to a brawl and the Usos cleared the ring of the ‘bad guys’ aka Rusev-Day and Lana. I really wish WWE Finally takes Rusev seriously, and give him a babyface push! (MITB, I’m looking at you)

4. Asuka Proves Her Worth :

Asuka proves to Mandy Rose, why she’s worthy of being the challenger to Carmella’s SmackDown Women’s Title. Even after interferences from Sonya Deville, she managed to defeate Rose after applying the Asuka lock.


5. Samoa Joe Qualifies :

Samoa Joe defeated Daniel Bryan and Big Cass, after he applied Bryan a Coquina Clutch.
Thus Joe has qualified for the MITB ladder match. So, what’s next for Bryan now? We’ll find out next week.