FIA May Scrap F1 Drivers’ Briefing 0

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The FIA is considering scrapping the decade long tradition of a Friday night F1 Drivers’ briefing at Grand Prix. If this new idea comes into practice, then from the beginning of 2019, the governing body will hold a joint get – together with drivers and team managers on the Thursday before undertaking track actions.

At this moment, the team managers meet with the FIA on Thursday afternoons before the start of the race weekend in order to discuss and settle down track changes and issues of the previous race. Eventually, the drivers join on Friday after their first day of race practice and thus giving their FIA feedback ostensibly.

FIA officials say that this change has to take place so that drivers can discuss for any changes like a morph changing something on or off the track. With the advancement of better communication, they think that this change would save a lot of hassle. If the Friday meeting is cancelled, it would potentially free up the drivers for longer engineering debriefs or more media committments but it would have an impact on their schedules for the previous day. An added impetus to change the format comes from the fact so many flyaway races now feature later start times than used to be the case, and that FP2 in Europe now ends at 4.30pm rather than 3.30pm