Daniel Bryan Leaving WWE Rumours Hoax, Alicia Fox’s Injury Update And More 0

images 5 - Daniel Bryan Leaving WWE Rumours Hoax, Alicia Fox's Injury Update And More

It has a been quite a buzz since Daniel Bryan’s return to the WWE after what was considered as a career ending injury. Since, Daniel’s return to pro-wrestling, Twitter is already talking about his plan about leaving the company.

Wrestling fans are insecure about that but, there is no need to feel like that. Daniel Bryan recently revealed it is very unlikely for him to end contracts with the WWE. He even says he won’t leave the WWE after his contract ends, he will stay with the company even if they clear him. According to “RSN,” Bryan had once stated : “If I’m allowed to wrestle, I’m staying with WWE and that’s it.”

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Bryan fans can now heave a sigh of relief as this recent buzz was just a hoax. Apart from this, it has been a very long time since we have heard of Alicia Fox. She was last seen in action in January this year.

Alicia Fox has been out of action since her injury of her tailbone. It was reportedly confirmed that she broke her tailbone while performing a high flying move. She underwent through a successful surgery and she’s all fit to be back.
According to multiple sources, Alicia Fox is scheduled to be at several upcoming RAW TV taping events. Although it is unclear if she will make her return to TV just yet, as injured superstars are called anytime to get examined.
WWE even cleared a NXT Superstar recently. According to “Squared Circle Sirens,” WWE decided to release NXT Superstar Star Zeda earlier this week. For those unaware, Zeda took part in the Mae Young Classic where she lost to Shayna Baszler in the first round of the tournament.