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The ‘Samoan Badass’ Roman Reigns since his debut in WWE has earned accolades like none before. At WM34 Roman Reigns mainevented WM for 4th time in a row. His success is not just only credited to his sheer hardwork, will and skill but also to the tremendous support he gets from his fans Worldwide.

Though lately Roman has got more boos than cheers specially in his own country, many fans are already debating that should WWE stop Roman’s continuous push and try his counterparts like Seth Rollins or Braun Strowman who are currently more “Over”. So, should WWE stop Roman’s push? In my opinion, No!

Lets know why..



Whether you hate him or love you have to admit that The BIG DOG works his heart out in every RAW and on every House Show! He is one of the most regular workers in the locker room. Even Roman haters would love to see him as the Universal Champ rather than “THE MOST DOMINANT CHAMPION IN PROWRESTLING HISTORY” who barely shows up in months.


Many Internet fans always urge of Roman being turned heel which even the writer of this article wants honestly. But what many fans forget is that Roman isn’t a babyface like John Cena. He is arrogant, cocky and is mostly disrespectful to other competitors( obviously not to his Shield bros). Want a proof? Just remember his feud with the Undertaker. He didn’t show any mercy on burying ‘The Deadman’.

His last look, staring at ‘The Deadman’ with confidence and pride before leaving showed his character. A John Cena babyface would have shaken The Deadman’s hand or moreover helped him to get up.

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Many Internet fans would be confused with my word ‘ENTERTAINING’. Let me explain!

The ‘Samoan Badass’ since his debut has been a great in-ring worker. And he has improved greatly since Wrestlemania 32. His feud with Aj Styles was simply phenomenal and their two matches set a new standard for Wrestlers in the new era. Since then Roman has been giving great matches. He has given numerous 4 stars+ rated matches and we can always rely on THE BIG DOG for the big stages.


In my opinion, Roman is doing his job perfectly. No one in WWE right now gets a reaction like him. Just add Roman into a match and crowd will be invested in it. Doesn’t matter if they are cheering or booing. He is really better than what many people think of him and those are not just my words but of many of those wrestlers who have worked with him. Yes, maybe he wasn’t a great all-rounder when he made the debut but “THE GUY” has tremendously worked upon himself. He has improved his mic skills a lot and has also considerably worked on his In-ring abilities. Reigns really needs appreciation for his work which he gets seldom.


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A undisputed fact about Roman is that he is a legitimate Draw. Doesn’t matter if crowds boos or cheers him but people for sure will buy the tickets when Roman is in the Show!

Last week’s Monday Night Raw got the 2nd least viewership in the entire history of the show and the absence of ‘The Big Dog’ was a major factor in it. Though he is really hated by the hardcore Wrestling community but he receives tremendous support from the casual wrestling fanbase who are on a majority. He is one of the most Merch. Selling guys in the locker room and generates huge revenue through them. His over-whelming popularity in Asia and Africa is unparalleled to any other current superstar in locker room.

I hope I am able to express my views though everyone has his opinions about whether Roman should be the face of WWE or not but in my opinion he deserves it, he is a proper-package.