What’s Wrong With Asuka Since WrestleMania 34? 0

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After delivering probably the best Women’s match at WWE WrestleMania 34, in a loosing effort against Charlotte Flair for SmackDown Live Women’s Championship, Asuka has been somewhat sidelined.

It’s clearly understandable that Asuka’s over 2+ years undefeated streak is over all thanks to Charlotte at WM 34 this year around. The ‘Empress Of Tomorrow’ has been somewhat derailed in her conquest to be the best women’s wrestler in the company.

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After losing to Ric Flair’s daughter at Superstar Shake-up, she was drafted to SDLive and ever since coming to SDLive, the role hasn’t been appropriately received. Creative team is clueless at the moment about what should they do with Asuka!

She is being forced just in time as a contagion for Carmella’s SDLive Women’s Championship and after the ‘Money In The Bank’, we would get a clear cut idea whether creative team is clueless or else Company diligents don’t see the much aforesaid charisma in the empress.

Carmella hasn’t been on the same level and I think if she goes on to beat Asuka at MITB (whether by DQ, interference or by anyway possible), that might give idea about company’s mindset.

If Asuka Wins and dethrones Carmella, then company might still be on the verge and have a soft side for Asuka but what about Carmella then?

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Princess Of Staten Island won the 1st ever Miss MITB last year and she waited for at least more than 9 months for successfully cashing in her MITB contract two nights after WM 34.
If Asuka wins, then this proves out to be a failing prospect.

WWE have put themselves under this circumstances and they might not be pushing up too much for this match, but for a star like Asuka, she is being mistreated on a contrary giving her least amount of TV time in past 2 months or so.

Let’s just wait till June the 17th, if we want to see what answers WWE has for the above raised questions.