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Ekaterinburg Arena popularly known as Central Stadium is one of the 12 venues that will be hosting 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. One of the unique things about this venue is this is the only venue in that stands in the Asia Russia. Located in the city of Yekaterinburg they city known for its architectural and historical heritage, this city is also known for the murders og Russia’s last Royal family, Ekaterinburg is home to a Russian based football club FC Ural Yekaterinburg who managed to finish at 12th place in this season.

As the easternmost venues for hosting the matches in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the stadium will play an important role in the development of sport in the region and with FC Ural set to move back to the stadium after the tournament its legacy will surely continue in the future. It is a chance for popularity not only for football but for sports in general in Yekaterinburg and in the entire region of Ural. By choosing this venue for the world cup new centre to a contemporary part of the city and it will help rejuvenate this area of Yekaterinburg and such a large scale event like the world cup required a substantial improvement in the infrastructure of the city.

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Location :

Situated at 1500Kms away from Moscow in the Ural Mountains Ekaterinburg Arena is present at the eastern side of Russia. Although Ekaterinburg Arena is the most far flung venue for the World Cup Russian federation has arranged special bus and train facilities for the travelling fans.


Capacity :

Total Capacity: 35,696
The actual capacity of Ekaterinburg Arena is about 23,000 but especially for the FIFA World Cup temporary stands on either side of the ground has been added and these stands would be removed after this tournament which would reduce the capacity.


Built in the year 1953 the architectural showpiece has undergone a major facelift although it will retain its historical facade a roof and temp stands has been fixed for the World Cup increasing the capacity to 35,696. Designed over a period of five years the stadium was the major part of the development of the city of Ural. The reconstruction of the stadium for the world cup was started in July 2015 this move was intended in such way that the design would preserve the architectural legacy history of the stadium which encompasses over 110 years and since its reconstruction, the surrounding area has seen a considerable transformation. During the transformation of the stadium, it was made sure that it retains the original architecture, a neutral façade was created that would extenuate the history and architectural past of the stadium.

images 18 1 - FIFA World Cup 2018 Venue Tour : Ekaterinburg  Arena (Central Stadium)

Matches to be played in this World Cup :

June 15, 2018 Egypt vs Uruguay Group A
June 21, 2018 France vs Peru Group C
June 24, 2018 Japan vs Senegal Group H
June 27, 2018 Mexico vs Sweden Group F

Connectivity :

As one of the hosting venues for this year’s World Cup a new transport system for the safe and efficient travel for the fans was created and the entire customer service system, developing hotels, catering and tourism has been restructured in preparation for the matches.