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Today we take a look the 5 Talking Points of June 4th edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. This was quite an absurd show with a weird main event between Balor~Owens, Constable Baron Corbin, Reigns showing up and as usual, no sign of Lesnar.

1. Curt Hawkins losing Streak continues:

Curt Hawkins lost his match against a local competitor (James Harden) when Baron Corbin showed up and attacked the local competitor, thus giving him a victory via disqualification. Thus Curt made a historic record of 200 straight losses, something that he’ll definitely not be proud of.
Also, this leads to something new for Baron Corbin.

2. Constable Baron Corbin:

Baron Corbin got a new Heel-ish character angle in the form of a “Constable”, after he made an interference in Curt Hawkins’ match. It is later revealed that Baron has now been made a Constable by Stephanie McMahon, to provide “checks and balances” to Kurt Angle’s descisions on Raw.

unnamed 2 2 - Talking Points Of Monday Night Raw 4th June

3. The B-TEAM shines!

Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas, the B-TEAM have finally got the chance to chase the Tag Team gold! They eliminated Rhyno (and Slater) to win the Tag Team Battle Royal, and are now the number one contenders for the Raw Tag Titles. This will be really interesting, if WWE books them well. The pure emotions that the two show after every victory is simply amazing to watch. We can only imagine what they’ll do if the win the Titles. Also, to see the real life brothers fight against one another, would be really worth watching.

4. Women’s division mess:

WWE is trying real hard to make the woman’s division important by adding “Historic events” every now and then. And no doubt about it, Charlotte, Bayley, Bliss etc. are really talented women that deserve everything. BUT, there’s a huge problem with the WWE creative team. Rather than building individual storyline for the Women that are followed every week, they are simply reduced to time filling spots. Other than the Woman’s title storyline, all other storylines are a jumbled up mess that mostly results in 6 Woman Tag Team matches, and the audience is expected to simply forget their individual stories that were being told few weeks before.
Please don’t do this WWE. Please don’t do these mistakes in Money In The Bank.

5. The Universal Title joke continues:

We get it. We get it, that WWE is trying to portray Brock Lesnar as the ultimate Beast, who is untouchable by the mere mortal wrestlers. But all this is simply making the Universal Title a matter of joke.

Tonight, when the commentators were hyping up for Money In The Bank PPV, there was an awkward moment of silence after they talked about the WWE championship match.

Why? Because there was nothing for the Universal Title. WWE wants us to believe that everyone is “Afraid” of Lesnar and thus, he has no opponents for the upcoming PPVs. This is stupidic, this is pathetic.
At this point, I actually want to see the title with Reigns. Atleast he’ll show up every week. Then again, maybe this is exactly the plan of WWE, i.e., to make us frustrated with Lesnar, so that we finally cheer for Reigns. Dirty Tactics WWE. We are not impressed by this.