Can We Witness A Brock Lesnar V Roman Reigns Fight at WWE SummerSlam 2018? 0


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● What’s the story?

Brock Lesnar, the current WWE Universal Champion who is almost on the verge of breaking Punk’s record for the longest reigning Champion of current times is currently not booked for WWE’s Money in the Bank. This clearly implies he’s going to have a title match at SummerSlam since it’s the second biggest PPV after WrestleMania. However, the question is, who will he face?
In case you didn’t know..
Brock Lesnar has defeated Bill Goldberg back in last year’s WrestleMania to win the title. Since then, he has defended the title only 10 times. He defended his title two times against “the Big Dog” Roman Reigns, winning on both occasions. He last defended his title at WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble event at Saudi Arabia against Roman Reigns in a steel cage match, since then, Lesnar hasn’t made any appearance in a WWE event. He is not booked for WWE’s upcoming PPV Money in the Bank which will eventually lead him to be the longest reigning Champion of the modern era, after CM Punk.
The heart of the matter.
Now, the most prominent question is, who will Lesnar face? According to Dave Meltzer, Roman Reigns will most likely go on to fight Lesnar “at the biggest event of the summer.” He recently stated, “By the way I should mention in the commentary, during the tag match, they made it very clear that Roman Reigns is the guy who will be wrestling Lesnar. I mean it was on and on and on about how he got cheated at the Greatest Royal Rumble, how he’s going for the championship, so, it doesn’t look like it’s Strowman. I mean they could change their mind but they were pretty strong on commentary that that’s the big program.” What he said, certainly does prove a point. The WWE is pretty much doing anything to make Roman the face of the company, which also includes their cheap promotions every night on RAW. What they are looking right now, is to get the crowd mad at Lesnar, so that Reigns can be crowned as the new WWE Universal Champion.

● What’s next?

It’s currently unknown to everyone about what’s actually going to happen next but Dave Meltzer has a point, and if that point stands out, the WWE Universe, could very well be on the verge of witnessing another Reigns vs Lesnar match at the SummerSlam.

● Author’s Take:

I personally think, we have to wait. Until, Money in the Bank is over. It is still unknown if, Lesnar will actually have a match at WWE SummerSlam. However, if that happens, it should be yet another good match. I only hope they don’t make it like the WrestleMania match, Reigns was way too overrated.