5 Talking Points India Vs Bangladesh Women’s Asia Cup T20I Final 0

bangladesh womens team

Bangladesh Women lift the Asia Cup beating team India by 3 wickets

A great match just came to an end after what could be said, “a brilliant game”! India have been the most consistent team in this tournament. Out of their 5 matches played, India have won 4 of them with only one loss, at the hands of the Ban Women. The Bangladeshi women’s team also performed brilliantly except that their run rate was lower than team India. Team India earlier had lost their maiden match at the hands of Bangladesh and once again, this time in the Finals. So, here are the five talking points about the final of the Asia Cup T20 2018.

1.Captain Consistent!

Hermanpreet Kaur is the name, who led the team through a glorious way but at last succumbed in their final battle. The team had performed extraordinarily at this tournament, thanks to the captain who delivered whenever required. Talk of the ball or the bat, the captain didn’t fail anyone’s expectations. In this most important final, the team had lost some early wickets and were struggling, but her quality knock helped the team to stand up. If it hadn’t been the captain’s crucial knock of 56 in just 42 balls, then the team would have been at a very bad position. Since the start of the tournament Kaur has been the savior as well as the leader and those qualities helped her get the “Player of the Series” award.

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Photo: BCCI

2.Poonam The “Superwoman”!

Talk about superman, you surely need to talk about superwoman as well. Remember Rumana Ahmed? Yes, that woman had choked the Indian team when they met in the group stage and that same woman did her job pretty well today as well. She scored 23 runs with the bat in 22 balls and she blasted the wickets of Shikha and Bhatia when she was handed the ball. The Bangladeshi women did a great job with the ball again, as they broke down India in just 112 runs. However, Indian women didn’t give up, from the start they were taking wickets in quick successions, which allowed them to deny the formation of partnership between the Bangladeshi betters. And, talking about wickets then we talk about Poonam Yadav, the woman who never stopped taking wickets. She gave India the early kick start and also gave the team a very important break through during the middle overs. She has an outstanding figure of 4-9-4-0. This not only helped the team stay on the game till the last but also made it a very entertaining match.

3. The Balls of Fury :

While we talk about the personal accolades of some bowlers in this match, we are forgetting that the whole team did a great job. The Bangladeshi women knew, this was a bowling pitch and hence opted to bowl after winning the toss. They had it planned to squeeze team India in a low total to make the job really easy. However, they weren’t the only one with that thought, as team India showed brilliance whilst defending their pretty low score on this bowling ground. Bangladesh had it all planned out but the Indian bowlers were also thinking straight forward on winning. No doubt it was proved till the very last ball. Bangladesh needed 2 from 1 same as the men’s squad needed in the ICC World T20 cup to win but Dhoni’s brilliance played spoilsports for them. But, there is no Dhoni in the women’s team, there is this wonderful captain Harmanpreet Kaur who tried until the end to lead the team through the path of victory.

4.The Glorified Battling With The Batting:

To be very honest about this point, both the teams had struggled when it came to put on a show with the bat. The Indian captain struggled too, but only her strong will helped the team to put on runs over 100 on the board. The Bangladeshi women’s were also looking to form partnerships and win the match easy but again, the Indian bowlers restricted that. India were sluggish on the field too. When it was the last ball, the fielder at the deep mid wicket was way too slow and doesn’t manage a great throw at the keeper too and meanwhile the “dive of glory” had already been put in by Salma Khatun to ensure her team the Asia Cup T20. On the other hand the poor start by India and some poor fielding’s made way for the match to slip out of their hand.

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Photo: BCCI

5.The 40 Overs Filled With Entertainment :

Firstly, this match is not that entertaining as the Ban v India at the ICC T20 World Cup but, this match was way more interesting and entertaining than it was expected. How many matches have we seen which went on till the very last ball? How many matches have we seen that is so enthralling as this one? Very few, would be the apt answer. There was not a single moment in the match where the crowd and the viewers would have had the chance to say, “This is boring”! In one over there was raining of boundaries whilst the other consisted of tremendous wicket falls. There were moments where the blood of both teams were freezing to moments where both of the teams put out all in the line to win the game. However, at the end of 40 overs of the most brilliant game play Bangladesh Women lift the Asia Cup beating team India by 3 wickets.

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Photo: ICC

Match Summary:

Player of the match: Rumana Ahmed

Player of the series: Harmanpreet Kaur

Brief Scores:

•India 112/9 ( Harmanpreet 56(42) ; Rumana 2-22) lost to

•Bangladesh 113/7 ( Nigar 27(24) ; Poonam 4-9 ) by three wickets.