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We’re all waiting for just a few more days for the greatest show on earth to begin. No it’s not the Olympics, for the football lovers the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ is nothing but the FIFA World Cup. The carnival of lights, stadiums, spectators , green grass and what not, but the motive stays very simple, not to let the opponent go past the halfway line and score against my nation. Millions of spectators are arriving at different parts of the largest country in the world. Let’s take a look at their fascinating and mesmerizing stadiums which have been opted as the venues for the 21st FIFA World Cup. Especially the gargantuan Nizhni Novogord Stadium, Nizhny Novogord.

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Nizhni Novgorod, one of the finest and largest cities situated at Volga River in Western Russia holds immense pride to have such a marvellous stadium which is elected as a venue to host matches for the grand football fiesta. The city is speculated to be one of the most traditional and beautiful cities in Russia. It has a population of 1.2 million people who in my belief are complete football freaks. The stadium is located in the Minin and Pozharsky Square, in Nizhni Novogord. That very square happens to be the historical heritage of the region. It also features the breath taking view of the Vulga River and the Nizhni Novogord Stadium.


The Nizhny Novogord Stadium being extremely alluring also boasts about it’s capacity of 45,000 seats approximately, including 902 seats for the low mobility groups of people. The Nizhny Novogord has been designed and inspired by the country side of Vulga and is accessible to all parts of the city.

Structure :

On Friday, 23rd of March, Nizhny Novogord was completely ready to use and got it’s use permit. The stadium was delayed for 3 months later than hoped, but not late enough to pose a threat to the World Cup schedules. The stadium Nizhny Novogord is inspired by a whirlpool, thus the white and blue spirals created with cascade strain facade mesh and roof panels. The construction was scheduled from the month of December 2014 and was to last for 36 months. The stadium was estimated at a cost of RUB 16.7 billion , however the cost ended up to be RUB 17.9 billion . It may not be the final as the project is currently subject to lawsuit by the ministry of sport.

Did You Know?

As soon as the World Cup comes to a conclusion, FC Olimpiets, a Russian Football Premier League team will use the stadium as their home ground and the governor in the late spring of 2017 has also suggested to use the ground for other sports, as well as for other major events and concerts.

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The 21st edition of the World Cup will hold some of the very exciting and neck to neck competition at the Nizhni Novogord Stadium. Let’s take a look at the matches scheduled in this grand stadium.

• SWEDEN vs SOUTH KOREA – 18th JUNE , 2018

• ARGENTINA vs CROATIA – 21st JUNE , 2018

• ENGLAND vs PANAMA – 24th JUNE , 2018





The stadium is very well connected with wide range of transport facilities available. Let us see at the options available to reach the stadium.

• Buses 41, 52, 57, 66, 69 are available which are very frequent.

• The R159 is the closest Main Road which connects to the stadium.

• The Strelka Metro Station is another option for the fans to reach the stadium comfortably.


We look forward to witness some amazing display of football at Nizhny Novogord. Not to forget how this universal event will bring close so many diverse cultures and religions together with one motive, enjoy the beautiful game of Football.