Okada’s 720 Day Reign Finally Ends In NJPW! 0

unnamed 3 - Okada's 720 Day Reign Finally Ends In NJPW!

New Japan Pro-Wrestling event Dominion 6.9 had one of the most emotional roller coaster main events. Two men fighting for more than 60 minutes inside the squared circle.
Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega two of the biggest wrestling stars outside WWE faced each other for the 3rd time in less than a year. Just like previous times. This time they again stole the hearts of wrestling fans across the globe. Okada “The Ace” of NJPW had a 720 Day long reign with the biggest prize IWGP Heavyweight Championship. At the Dominion, in a 2 out of 3 falls match, both superstars Omega and Okada brawled fight and beat each othe with moves like Apron Tombstone, Springboard Dive, Reverse Rana. The 1st 30 mins was so amazing that it was written that we are going to see an instant classic. Okada outsmarting Omega with a victory roll on the 30 minute mark leads Okada on a lead.
But not for long as after 15 minutes, Omega wrestled his way with German Suplexes, Dragon Suplexes. Thunderous Chops, Knee Strikes and a One Winged Angel to get the 1st fall. By the very end of the final 10 minutes. Both were unable to hit each other even after using their finishers it worth nothing.

unnamed 2 - Okada's 720 Day Reign Finally Ends In NJPW!

Omega even missed his Pheonix Splash. Okada was on the verge of victory until Omega finally showed life and hit Okada with numerous Kee Stirkes and an One Winged Angel to end this Legendary Match to capture the title.

This match is already being considered as the ‘GREATEST WRESTLING MATCH EVER’ although time will tell whether it really was that.
Okada who was considered unbeatable lost to Omega and It is being termed as the ‘GOD HAS BEEN DETHRONED FROM HIS EMPIRE’.