Dean Ambrose Coming Back As ‘Heel’? 0

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It has been months since we last saw the glimpse of the most favorite WWE Superstar, the lunatic fringe Dean Ambrose. After his triceps injury, back in December last year, he was reportedly ruled out from wrestling. He even had to miss WrestleMania and the WWE couldn’t carry out the plans they wanted with him as well.

Dean Ambrose was supposed to turn his back on Seth Rollins and get in a feud with him for the IC title, but, his injuries prevented that from happening. According to, WWE has planned a huge return for the “lunatic fringe” Dean Ambrose. Speculations are being made of his return as a heel.

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The current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is rumored to expire around SummerSlam. He could either drop the title to Rollins or Reigns and then Ambrose might get in a feud with Seth Rollins, as the Seth and Dean feud would be more amazing than the Roman and Dean feud, and we again get the witness the classic battle between the “Architect” and the “Lunatic Fringe”.

Fans are also making points that Ambrose won’t just come and turn into a heel. A brief Shield reunion might be a perfect start for Ambrose’s new character.

Dean Ambrose, recently moved to Alabama in order to be closer to WWE’s medical facility and focus more on his rehab. With SummerSlam taking place on 17th August, Ambrose can make his return anytime before the PPV. Although, according to official reports the Ambrose return is more eagerly waited after the end of the PPV.