Three North American Nations’ Jointly To Host FIFA World Cup 2026, Will It Hamper The Confederational Seedings? Canada, USA and Mexico’s joint bid has won 0

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Canada, USA and Mexico’s joint bid has wo the rights to host the FIFA World Cup in the year 2026 after Qatar in 2022.

The impact of this World Cup has to be irreplaceable as this will be the first time in World Cup’s history, that a tournament would conisist of 48 qualified teams from 6 different confederations, where 80 matches would be played altogether.

The current confederation qualification for 32 teams consists a format of 31+1 teams, 31 teams play qualification tournaments in their different confederations and also some inter confederations as well, while ‘+1’ consist for the hosts, which is certainly Russia this time.

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Now, the question arises is how would the seedings be given to different confederations considering a 48 team tournament? Answer lies within.. Since there is no official announcements thus far, but certain assumptions might be taken intact. Of all the 6 Confederations under FIFA (CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, AFC, OAF, UEFA and CAF), Europe’s elite UEFA has the highest number of qualifying teams i.e. 13+1, CAF (Africa) has 5, AFC (ASIA) and CONMEBOL(SOUTH AMERICA) has 4.5, CONCACAF (North America) has 3.5 and OAF (Islands in Australia, although Australia is a AFC member) has 0.5 qualifications seedings as per FIFA congress’ seeding rating system.

For a 48 team competition, it would be interesting to see how convincing rules and certain implications could be in place. Adding at least 5 teams more from UEFA, 3 teams each from CONMEBOL, AFC and CAF, 2-3 from CONCACAF (although Mexico, USA and Canada would have automatic qualifications due to them being the host’s for WC 2026) and 1 complete team from OAF, might solve the trouble.

It would be beneficial for countries which certainly do possess the quality of being in the WC but somewhere gets themselves evicted in the middle. Still 8 years from the date, things would be more clear as time passes and after 2022, picture will be clearer than ever.