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WWE brought the audience with yet another, what is supposed to be an awesome PPV, the Money in the Bank 2018. The event overall is successful. From classic women’s MITB ladder match, to Rollins squaring off against Elias, to AJ and Nakamura battling out for the glorified WWE Championship to the monstrous men’s MITB ladder match. This PPV had it all to be an awesome show, still somehow, somewhere, something went wrong. Now, without talking more trash about the matches it had and the effects, let’s just straight away get into the five talking points of Money in the Bank 2018.

1. Irrelevant Reigns Continues :

Yes, still the same. After last RAW, people thought that Reigns might get some noise for he was beginning to get cheered, but, everything went the way it was earlier. Reigns was brutally boo’ed by the Chicago crowd. From Chants of “CM PUNK”, “BOOORING”, “END THIS MATCH” it was clear that people didn’t want to see this encounter of Reigns. Everyone knew from the beginning that Reigns is going to be the winner and people were distasteful towards that. The crowd was highly unstable during Reigns match, which also proves, Reigns is still not booked the right way. We still don’t know what is going to happen next for Reigns, but whatever it will be, it better be good, or else the Roman Empire will burn to ashes.

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2. Captain Women :

Aye, it’s true, it’s so true. The fabulous women did it again. From the ladder match to the championship match. WWE is doing great with the women’s section right now. The women’s ladder match was quite an exquisite battle with great moves, high flying, and bone breaking slams. People might say, Bliss doesn’t deserve it but, she really does. The time when the belt was around her waist, the speculations were amazing and it is about to happen again as she not only did win the MITB contract but also she cashed in against Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey’s ongoing title match. She DQ’ed the match and cashed in on Nia, finally hitting the twisted bliss to grab the three count for the RAW Women’s Championship.

3. The WWE Slaying Rollins :

When the show started, I had least interest to watch the whole program. Firstly, the opening matches were booked in such an intimating way that it made me feel like the PPV will go to waste again. It didn’t take time for me to change my views as soon as Rollins was up against Elias. Elias might not be so relevant, he might just be perfect for the role he plays but his performance will certainly make you change your thoughts on Elias. There was not a moment of cheap wrestling, everything was pure class. Rollins was fabulous too. He injured his left knee in the match somehow but he didn’t give up, he went on to deliver an enthralling 5 star frog splash and also a top rope Superplex and a Falcon Arrow. The end to the match was a more not acceptable as Rollins rolled up Elias for the win to retain. I think, Elias and Rollins will continue this feud as it seems pretty cool. But hope WWE books Rollins for the Universal Championship feud at SummerSlam. Regardless, the match was the first high quality match of the evening.

4. Irrelevant WWE Championship Steals The Show :

The WWE Championship has been made too irrelevant in this company after the arrival of Universal Championship. The WWE Championship is a great and a prestigious honor to hold and to display it in mid card is making a mockery of the title’s legacy. Whenever someone wins the Royal Rumble, the winner is supposed to go on to face the Champion of his choosing in the main event of WrestleMania but that did not happen as well. In 2016 we saw Reigns battle against Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at MITB main event and now we have the WWE Championship match before the main event. But, needless to say anything more about that, AJ Styles and Nakamura simply stole the show. Perhaps, the fans were waiting for a classic like this and certainly both of them delivered. The AJ and Nakamura feud finally comes to an end, maybe? But, the match itself was extraordinary. Intense high flying and pulling out amazing moves from the bag, the WWE Championship match was a classic AJ and Nakamura encounter.

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5. Monstrous Main Event :

When we talk main, we talk big, when we talk big, we talk monstrous and speak of the monster, comes out only one name, Braun Strowman. Everyone had a notion that he might be the man but will he be fit? I guess, he is all fit and fine and a perfect man to go on to cash in against Lesnar perhaps and dethrone him finally. Braun played an amazing part in the match, he struck like a boulder to everyone and nothing could be done to stop him. Braun Strowman literally damaged everything and he deserved it all.

Money in the Bank was hot and hit, it was an awesome PPV and the WWE Championship match still flashes when thought back.