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Todays was the first SmackDown after the MITB PPV. It saw the main roster debut of one of the most dominant NXT faction. Also, the number 1 contender for AJ Styles’ WWE Title was going to be decided in this episode via a Gauntlet Match. We have compiled five major talking points from this episode.

1. Mellabration Continues:

Carmella was in the ring as she celebrated her victory over Asuka at Money in the Bank. She went on to say how she had previously knocked off Charlotte in a similar manner as well.

Next, Ellsworth enters dressed as Asuka, and claims that he has returned to serve Carmella. Soon the real Asuka charged into the ring to take out Carmella. But Carmella quickly left the ring with Ellsworth after kicking Asuka.

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2. What’s Next For Nakamura?

After suffering a loss to AJ Styles at Money in the Bank, what’s next for Nakamura?

The answer was perhaps given by none other than the United States Champion, Jeff Hardy.
Jeff addressed his loss to Nakamura on last week’s SmackDown Live. He will take his revenge on Nakamura! That’s not all, this is a different Hardy. The face paint is back, Brother Nero “White contact lenses” are back as well. The only thing still missing is, “No more Words”.
Let’s see where this storyline leads to?

3. Sanity Debuts :

An explosive and ‘chaotic’ debut for the Sanity. They were slated for a match against the Usos, but instead they chose to attack the brothers to show their dominance to the main roster. We really wish Nikki Cross was also here.

4. Gauntlet Match – Push For Rusev :

There was a Gauntlet Match between Big E, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, The Miz and Rusev
to determine the Number 1 Contender for AJ Styles’ WWE Championship at Extreme Rules. This was a really good match right from the very beginning. Daniel Bryan was very impressive. But in the end, it was RUSEV who got the victory over Miz.
A much deserved push for Rusev. WWE is finally realising how over Rusev is, which is really amazing to see. Hopefully, he gets his first gold at Extreme Rules. This is definitely the best RUSEV-DAY!

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5. Bludgeon Brothers and Bryan!?

So, in between the Gauntlet, there was an interference by the Bludgeon Brothers. Daniel Bryan had just beaten Samoa Joe when the Bludgeon Brothers showed up and beat down Daniel Bryan. The Miz took advantage of this and got the pin over Bryan.

So, people are wondering why did the Bludgeon Brothers do this?
So, the most probable answer for this is that WWE is trying to reawaken an old incomplete storyline. Three years ago Bryan had joined the Wyatt Family, but then he betrayed them as well. This is possibly a continuation of that storyline. We’ll have to wait till next week to find out more.