5 Talking Points : Coutinho And Neymar’s Injury Time Heroics Rejuvenate World Cup Dream Of Samba-Land 0

unnamed 15 - 5 Talking Points : Coutinho And Neymar's Injury Time Heroics Rejuvenate World Cup Dream Of Samba-Land

The 2nd round of group stage matches were in full swing at the 21st FIFA world cup. In Group E, South American power house Brazil played against Costa Rica and secured their first win in the 2018 FIFA World Cup owing to injury time heroics from Philippe Coutinho and Neymar. Brazil played with a 4-3-3 formation and Costa Rica played started with a 3-5-2 formation, two formations which almost annihilated each other. Let’s focus on some of the important excerpts from this game.

1. Brazil’s Dominance Over Costa Rica :

After the draw in the opening game against Switzerland, the 5 times world champions were back into the field with a win, that had reflected in their game from the start. Against Costa Rica Brazil had taken 22 shots but only 10 were on target. The defence of the North Americans and their custodian Navas were always on their toes on stopping the Brazilian players inside and outside of the box but the strikes in the additional minutes turned the fate in favour of Brazil.

images 33 - 5 Talking Points : Coutinho And Neymar's Injury Time Heroics Rejuvenate World Cup Dream Of Samba-Land

2. Gabriel Jesus’ Goal Disallowed Due To Offside :

On the 26th minute, Marcelo’s low drive met with Jesus and it was fired inside the net before it could be stopped by Navas, but the goal was disallowed due to offside. It was a late decision by linesman and even many of the viewers and the football experts predicted otherwise.

3. Brilliant Work From Navas Went In Vain!

After the 2nd half whistle was blown, the ball was under the control of the Brazilian players from 49th to 71st minute as many shots were taken by the Brazilians but Costa Rica defenders and their goalie Navas had not let them into the nets. Neymar’s beautiful curl at the 71st minute from 20 yards flew over the post but if it was at a correct height it would have reached the top corner. Keylor Navas had a brilliant 90 minutes yesterday, but the six additional minutes not only spilled water on his heroics but doomed Costa Rica’s journey in this World Cup. But if there is anything positive that can be excerpted from the perspective of Costa Rica then it is nothing but the Los Blancos shot-stopper.

4. Neymar’s Penalty Appeal Denied By VAR :

Once again we had a opportunity to see Neymar’s acting skill on the field. It might sound harsh but if the Brazillian wonder kid really wants to get categorised among the greatest then he has to cut down such moves soon or getting booed by opponent fans may become a practice for one of the finest players of the World. This time the refree had given it as a penalty but for confirmation he had to look upon the VAR once, in that it clearly diaplayed that Gonzalez had just touched Neymar off which Neymar made a meal of.

images 3 12 - 5 Talking Points : Coutinho And Neymar's Injury Time Heroics Rejuvenate World Cup Dream Of Samba-Land

5. Goals from Countinho and Neymar :

In the extra minutes of the game Brazil finally managed to take the lead via Coutinho. The long pass from Marcelo got headed by Frimino and stopped by Jesus where Countinho charged in and put it inside the net through the legs of Navas on the 91st minute. After that Costa Rica players did not have any chance and their shoulders dropped. Moments before the whistle Neymar scored a goal, Fernandinho’s brilliant cross was given direction by Neymar on the 97th minute, putting the final nail on Costa Rica’s coffin.

It’s an end to Costa Rica’s World Cup dream and Countinho was deservedly named as Man of the match. Brazil will play against Serbia on 27th June 2018 which will be their last group stage fixture.