5 Talking Points of WWE SmackDown Live This Week 0

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The SDLive this week began with a segment of MizTV that addressed the situation between Bryan and the Bludgeon Brothers. This eventually lead to the formation of the main event for the night.

Overall, it was a decent show that shocked the world with an unexpected reunion. Read the full article to find out more…

1. Rusev Day Continues:

The first match of the show was between Rusev and Xavier Woods. It was a good back and forth match, where Woods was able to show his athleticism. However, in the end, Woods tapped out to the Accolade.
After the match, Rusev cut a promo against the WWE champion AJ Styles while fans chanted for both Rusev Day and AJ Styles. This match is definitely going to be amazing!

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2. US Open Challenge:

Jeff Hardy issued an open challenge for his US Title. It was answered by none other than Eric Young from SAniTY. It was a good match between the two superstars, however, an interruption by the Usos resulted in a disqualification.

This was a bit weird because the whole Nakamura-Hardy situation was not addressed at all tonight. Also is this finally the face turn for the Usos?

3. First Match For SAniTY:

The above situation resulted in a Tag Team match between SAniTY and the team of Usos and Jeff Hardy. In the end Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb for the pin on Alexander Wolfe.

4. Asuka Situation:

James Ellsworth comes to the ring and cuts a promo on how Asuka cheaply attacked him last week. To this Paige comes to the ring and announced that Asuka will take on Carmella for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules. Moreover Asuka will also face Ellsworth next week on Smackdown Live for a mixed match.

5. Team Hell-No Reunion:

This was a real delight to watch. And surprisingly enough, WWE pulled this off very well!

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Daniel Bryan had a one on one match against Luke Harper, following the events of last week.
It was a brilliant match and just when Harper was about to tap, Eric Rowan attacked Bryan. A full on assault was about to begin on Bryan, when The Devil’s Favourite Demon, KANE returned to save his former Tag Partner from Team Hell-No. They cleared the ring, and the crowd went crazy with Team Hell-No chants as Kane and Bryan hugged each other in the ring.

Paige later on announced that Team Hell-No will face The Bludgeon Brothers at Extreme Rules for the SmackDown Tag Titles.