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The Undertaker

It’s been quite a buzz in the WWE Universe after the declaration of the Undertaker’s match against Triple H at the WWE Super Show-Down. Fans are more excited to see the “Phenom” take on the “Game” rather than know what the WWE Super Show-Down is.

The WWE Super Show-Down is a premier event of the WWE which will be taking place in Australia around the end of the year. A lot of big names have been confirmed to show up at the event, like John Cena, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Ronda Rousey and many more.

However, the WWE Universe is still not certain, more appropriately unknown, to the fact of what is next for Taker in his career. After his major loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33, fans proclaimed that the “Reaper” has retired, and that turned out false, when Taker returned in WrestleMania 34 to decimate John Cena and all his words.

There haven’t been any word of the Taker until a few weeks back, when the company confirmed the Deadman’s return at the MSG for a WWE Live event, as a part of the SummerSlam heat wave tour. Just a week or two after that, the company confirmed yet another fixture of the Taker against Triple H at the WWE Super Show-Down.

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However, the main question, that still remains unanswered is, what’s next for Taker? The fans are quite frustrated over the fact, that the company is not giving the Taker a perfect spotlight to retire. Instead the WWE is pushing the Taker to certain heights, not meant for him and booking him with matches which surely breaks his character as a ‘Living legend’ for the company and it’s viewers.

Still, there have been speculations regarding Taker’s future with the company, some are rational whilst most are highly irrational. Fans believe that the Undertaker will beat Brock for the Universal Championship at WWE SummerSlam and then John Cena will go on to challenge the Taker, which will result in a long raging feud between the two legends and will finally end with Cena pinning the Taker at WrestleMania 35 for the Universal Championship and finally retiring the “Deadman”.

While this speculations seems somewhat acceptable, other speculations regarding the Taker are also present, we won’t talk about that here, but, we know one thing for sure. The company wants us to know that the Phenom’s run with it is still not over. If, that be the case, it would be really amazing to have the Undertaker back full time doing amazing goosebumps giving segments and classic matches.