5 Talking Points : Kuldeep And Rahul Shine As ‘Men In Blue’ Ease Past ‘Three Lions’ In The T20I Series Opener 0

images 7 1 - 5 Talking Points : Kuldeep And Rahul Shine As 'Men In Blue' Ease Past 'Three Lions' In The T20I Series Opener

The series we all have been waiting for, is finally here. The India v England series has finally arrived. Although, the heat might seem a bit low because of the ongoing FIFA World Cup, still in India the cricket heat is not absent. Though England earlier had a great privilege of beating Colombia in the Knock Out’s of FIFA World Cup to book a berth at the Quarter Finals, they might not be so upset after what transpired before. It was the first T20 and England lost to India by 8 wickets. Although the Englishmen had a great start, but they couldn’t keep up their success progressing till the end. So, without any more further trash talking, let’s dip in straight to the talking points for India v England 1st T20I 2018.

KL Rahul Can Not Stop Being Amazing!

A really true fact after what we witnessed from the previous matches. After his devastating knocks back at IPL or the recent series against Ireland or yesterday’s encounter with the British, it is safe to say KL Rahul is the next run machine. In fact, I would personally like to say he is the more better run machine. He played a brilliant knock of 101 runs in just 51 balls to lead India through the victory. When it comes to seeing the man bat, it is evident that he’s just here to score and blow away the bowling units, that is what he has been doing, and that is what the whole country will expect from him in the coming cricket World Cup.

images 6 1 - 5 Talking Points : Kuldeep And Rahul Shine As 'Men In Blue' Ease Past 'Three Lions' In The T20I Series Opener

Kuldeep The Slayer :

When we talk about the batting we are mostly going nuts, because of KL Rahul’s performance , but when it comes to bowling, it’s Kuldeep who makes us go crazy. England were looking fearless when they started off, until this man also known as the “Chinaman” choked the very life of the middle order to restrict the Englishmen to 159 runs. The five wicket howl by Kuldeep was definitely worth praising as he took down the men who had mad-handled the Aussies the other day. This guy is definitely a rare talent and he is surely going to cross many milestones in his coming future. Thanks to Kolkata Knight Riders for promoting and nurturing such kind of a talent.

Jos The Boss!

Boss Butler, I mean Jos Butler definitely stood up to his expectations, as he had the bowlers in target to smash them. He did his part of the job perfectly by smacking the bowlers in the crucial front overs alongside Roy. He might not have been enough for the whole team as no one else could really survive the “Chinaman’s” spell. We can’t even blame him, even he fell for him. However, he still displayed class and did hos part of the job pretty well, although the Englishmen might have wanted an extra over or two from him but thanks to Kuldeep’s insanity, Butler had to depart. But, nonetheless, Jos Butler was good in his own part.

images 8 1 - 5 Talking Points : Kuldeep And Rahul Shine As 'Men In Blue' Ease Past 'Three Lions' In The T20I Series Opener

The Struggling Bowlers Of England :

After last night, a group discussion surely would have gone down between the players and the coach as England couldn’t do nothing well with their bowling. Yes, they took out Dhawan and Rohit but other than that, they got slapped really hard with Rahul’s bat. Rahul had almost completed 85% of the required run by thrashing every bowler who dared to get him out. The Englishmen definitely need to improve their bowling as much as they need to improve their batting, because from the victory it is evident that the Men in Blue are more focused than ever.

Match Stats:

• Player of the Match- Kuldeep Yadav.

• Match Results: India beat England By 8 wickets. (Rahul-101(54); Butler 69(46)