Mohun Bagan Writes Letter To AIFF On Sukhdev Singh 0

Mohun Bagan Writes Letter To AIFF On Sukhdev Singh

Mohun Bagan signed defender Sukhdev Singh after a series of lengthy drama which included rivals East Bengal first signing the player then being forced to let him go due to non-reception of the NOC from Minerva Punjab. ATK were also behind the player but finally Bagan had the last laugh and roped in the Punjabi centre-back who played a pivotal role in Minerva’s I-League winning campaign last season.

But as the situation stands, although Bagan’s CFL campaign has started today but they have failed to field Sukhdev Singh today against Pathachakra as the Inter-State transfer case of the player is still pending in the AIFF Players’ Status Committee.

Mohun Bagan today wrote a letter to AIFF General Secretary Kushal Das on this issue.

The letter reads :

“On August 1, 2018 we have transferred the amount of his transfer fee to Minerva Punjab FC. But we are unable to complete his Inter-State transfer due to his case pending at AIFF Players Status Committee….It is just like taking away football from player’s feet…”

Now it remains to be seen how quickly AIFF clears the case of Inter-State transfer of Sukhdev Singh and he makes his CFL debut with the Mariners.