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The biggest event of the summer is just a week away from taking place in Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York. The night before SummerSlam, fans will get to witness NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, which for sure will be a sellout. Anyways, shifting our attention to the biggest debacle of summer, WWE is not quite feeding the fans with what they want.
The company’s decision of making Reigns the face is just getting stronger, as the main event for WWE SummerSlam 2018 is Reigns taking on Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship.

Let me tell you what the fans wanted. They wanted to see Rollins go head to head with the “Beast Incarnate”. However, that is not happening and it might seem, the event lost it’s touch, but the company seems to have succeeded in their mission of turning off Lesnar.

SummerSlam is a great show if we look back into its past. From the Taker and Edge’s feud to Michaels and Hogan battling it out and Lesnar exposing Orton’s skull.
This year’s SummerSlam is going to be the 31st installment of SummerSlam. However, is SummerSlam going to be worth it this year?
Without more talk, let’s just dip right into the 5 things to keep an eye on in WWE SummerSlam 2018.

5. The Owens and Strowman Story?

“BRAUN STROWMAN IS THE MONSTER IN THE BANK!”, Michael Cole on the night of WWE Money in the Bank. Yes, I’ll admit, he’s being over pushed but at the same time it is not something unacceptable.
Fans are settled with Strowman in possession of the briefcase because they believe he’ll cash in the night Reigns lifts the belt for the first time. However, will it be Strowman who’s going to cash in or Owens?
Yes, for the first time there will be a match for the MITB briefcase. It hasn’t happened yet, Kurt showed his displeasure when Owens demanded this match but Stephanie played sides and gave him that opportunity.
Hence, the question that arises here is who will be the winner? If you ask me then I’ll say it is obvious that Owens has his chances here. He has been humiliated y the monster quite a few times now and this is his chance for his retribution. So, will he get it? He might win and go on to cash in the same night against Reigns (Yes, isn’t it obvious by now that Lesnar is going to be owned) and might get interrupted by Strowman or even worse,” the Lunatic Fringe”, Dean Ambrose.
For as much as I think, Kevin Owens is not going to pull it off.

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4. The Intercontinental feud continues?

Seth Rollins or Dolph Ziggler? This match is going to be the most interesting match of the entire event. If you ask me why, well then I’ll say you, this match will be elite. Yes, there won’t be too much power in this match like we will see in the Reigns and Lesnar match or the Owens and Strowman match. However, I’m sure of high flying and unparalleled enthusiasm.
This match might remind us of the 2014 Survivor Series 30 man elimination tag battle, team Cena taking on team Authority. If I remember well enough, both were in different teams and both were the last persons to bring the fight. Team Authority was about win a Hunter interfered but at the death, the Icon, Sting came in to save the day.
However the question is who will come on that night? Dean Ambrose? He is all fit to be honest and he made his long awaited return last night on Monday Night RAW. Also, will the SHIELD stay intact?
Rollins is a sure thing for this match, he is the most liked WWE Superstar after AJ, and people wanted him in the major spotlight, i.e. face of the company. Since, that ain’t happening, WWE keeps Rollins involved in the Intercontinental phase so, Rollins picks up his victory and then maybe feud starts with Ambrose for the title.

3. Styles’s reign continues?

According to figures, Styles’s reign stands out to be almost 300 days. He has been undefeated in title matches since his win over Mahal for the Championship.
He now defends his title against Samoa Joe. Joe has been portrayed as the ruthless guy who is not afraid of anyone. He fearlessly faced Brock for the Universal Championship but he lost. Joe is confident because he has clashed against great names the company has offered and he has beaten everyone, well except Lesnar. Joe is also a former TNA Superstar like AJ, will that make any difference?
Styles doesn’t talk of his achievements but he has faced something more than what Joe has. He has been champion all around the world, he has wrestled in NJPW for the IWGP title, he has battled his life out in the TNA, and when he made his grand entry in the WWE, he took out Reigns, formed Y2AJ, faced Jericho, united the Club, defeated Cena for a countless times, won against every thorn thrown in his way, he battled Shane O Mac, he took on Lesnar in an unorthodox way for his brand, precisely “The House that EY JAY SYLES BUILT.” Styles doesn’t come cheap while he goes to defend his title, 300 days old.
What interests me more about the match, is the company going to keep Styles their reigning champion? According to Whatculture’s top 20 best wrestlers right now, Styles is just behind Okada, who is leading the list. Styles is probably the best in the company right now, despite having an Olympic gold medalist and a UFC borne beast, Styles remains the best, no doubt.
From the SmackDown Live tapings, it seems Joe is going to pull this off.

2. The Women’s massacre?

The women are all prepared to deliver a fine show at SummerSlam. The matches set are for the Women’s Championship from both brands. From which the RAW division’s match will surely be a sellout. Bliss will be taking on Rousey to defend her Championship. From what is evident, Ronda wants to win and Bliss desperately wants to keep her title. As of now it is very unclear what the company will portray on the biggest event of the summer.
Talking about the blue brand, they are going to have a triple threat match for the championship. Carmella might want to take the easy way out, but will Charlotte Flair allow. WWE has done a brilliant job in crowning Carmella the SmackDown live Women’s champion. What is the company’s plan for her in the coming future?
The women’s match at SummerSlam might not be the highlight for the event like the other men’s matches, but I’m sure of high packed energy.
Drawing quick conclusions is not helpful but I think Bliss retains and on the other brand Charlotte extends her legacy.

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1. Will Roman Reign?

Finally, WWE made the audience bow in front of them. Reigns will go on to face the Beast for his Universal Championship. Now, the question is, will he be able to conquer the conqueror himself?
Lesnar is going to defend his championship for the first time after the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia. WWE tried to portray Paul Heyman’s other side on RAW, these past weeks. We still haven’t figured out what the company exactly is planning to do after Lesnar’s termination.
We all know that Lesnar is supposed to be going back to the UFC to compete. His SummerSlam match would probably be the last of Lesnar in the company. However, will we see Lesnar become the next CM Punk? While we sit here debating what will happen to Heyman, after Reigns win, but will he? Maybe WWE has different plans? Well, it’s hard now, since WWE is now acting like the Russo brothers, they something and then make it something else.
It will be a controversial match, I don’t know yet, who will win. Might be possible, Lesnar leaves the WWE with the title, or maybe lost. For that we would have to wait until this Sunday, when WWE SummerSlam starts live at the WWE Network.
It was a pleasure to present to you the 5 Things to Keep An Eye On in WWE SummerSlam.