Sergio Ramos Hits Back At Jurgen Klopp About The Salah Injury Issue In UCL Final 0

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The saga of the UEFA Champions League final isn’t done just as yet. The Champions League final was played in Kiev, Ukraine. The final was played between Liverpool and Real Madrid where Liverpool star man Mo Salah got injured on the 30th minute which compelled Klopp to make a forceful change. He accounts this unexpected change to have turned the table around for Madrid in his defence. He further went on to tell that “We had a fantastic season last year, although the result of the Champions League final was not what we were hoping for. Nobody was waiting for us there, even though, as the season progressed, we thought that the final was a possible goal.”

Everyone knows that Mo Salah’s injury has changed things. But not only that. We are not going to rewrite the story, but we played the last two months of last season with twelve valid players. We had to fight with Chelsea until the end (for a top four finish).”

Sergio Ramos countered Klopp’s statement by saying this wasn’t the first final that he has lost. Ramos added by saying “It’s not the first final Klopp has lost, [maybe] he wants to use that as an excuse for losing. Some of us have been operating at a very high level for many years, not sure he can say the same”.

Ramos had to defend himself as he was the one who committed the foul on Salah to see him take an early bath. Karius did play his part In the Liverpool loss as well. Salah being on or off the field wouldn’t have changed the spill a ball which was an easy catch for a keeper of such high caliber. The other goal was an absolute screamer from Bale. Although Liverpool attack did fade away with the ticking minutes, their errors in defence and also the keeper took the game away from them. They could have had a chance if Salah would have been there to score few but Klopp’s remarks of portrayal of the Egyptian’s absence as the reason behind their loss was something that the Los Blancos skipper did not like.