Juve Comes From Behind To Seal Victory While CR7 Fails To Shine Against Chievo: 5 Talking Points 0

unnamed 4 - Juve Comes From Behind To Seal Victory While CR7 Fails To Shine Against Chievo: 5 Talking Points

Juventus kicked off their Serie A campaign with a 3-2 victory over Chievo Verona. It was a tough game for Juventus and it looked like they were going to lose until Allegri made some good substitutions particularly when Bernadeschi and Mandzukić came on and made the difference. Let’s have a look at some significant points of this match.

Juventus Made Life Difficult For Themselves

Juventus have made similar mistakes for most of the last season and despite the fact that they have all this new talent they have acted in their old manner which is to score an early goal and then sit back and invite the opponent to come onto them and when they think they are going to lose they throw everything on the pitch and try to get the goals and credit to them that they have always been able to pull it off in the end.

Chievo’s Goalkeeping Issue :

Although Chievo Verona gave a good competition to the Scudetto champions but the Chievo keeper Sorrentino had to be carted off the field as Ronaldo bumped into him. Reports suggests that Sorrentino has a broken nose and a head trauma (concussion) so it means Chievo Verona will be having goalkeeping problems as we proceed further into the competition.

● Question Marks on the Juve Midfield

Many Juve fans were disappointed by the display of the midfield in the last night’s game and the question remains whether this Juventus side should cater a two-man midfield or a three-man midfield and it looked like Juventus needed a three-man midfield cause they need a balance especially when they play against physical opponents like Chievo Verona

Cristiano Ronaldo And His Debut :

All eyes were on Cristiano Ronaldo who played his first competitive game for Juventus away from Turin and not surprisingly he played up front in the middle and drifting wide at times in the game. 20 minutes into the game and Ronaldo had a very good chance from a cross played by Cuadrado from 18-yard box but he dragged it wide. He had a good link up pieces of play, chances were coming as the game went on. For Cristiano Ronaldo, it was more off to integrating into Serie A and getting to know his teammates. Although he would have wanted to get the limelight by scoring on the Matchday 1 of Serie A but the goal didn’t come but the bigger picture is, it is long season there will be a lot of games and these are very important three points away from home and for Ronaldo goals will come as long as he stays fit.

Allegri Has To Get His Tactics Right :

Allegri didn’t get the best out of his players and it looked like Dybala was confused on tactical level meanwhile Ronaldo looked much better when he moved left towards the end of the game and with this Allegri has a lot of thinking to do about Ronaldo’s position. As seen today he performs best when he starts on the left and comes inside but to do that though Juventus need a centre-forward and only one they have right now is Mario Mandzukić so there are a lot of moving parts at Juventus that needs to be sorted out by Allegri.