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This time the WWE SummerSlam features 13 Matches and that’s a lot considering it a 7 Hour Show including PreShow which is as long as WrestleMania. Things may be boring in the middle but we must not lose faith as it promises much.

Let’s focus on the matches one by one :


This match will be 8-10 minutes long and it won’t be bad but it certainly won’t be great. Aiden English may interfere and cost Rusev and Lana their match leading to the split of the RUSEV DAY is the biggest possibility.

Almas and Vega both are fresh and clearly aren’t losing after this much momentum on the other hand and I feel sad for Rusev because last month he headlined a PPV and this month he is here in the Preshow.

Winner:- Almas and Vega

MATCH #2 :
The B Team vs The Revival.

This match will certainly be good with the likes of Revival, the tag team specialist in it. It would be good while B team would try their best to get a sneaky win but I think Revival would be even smarter and make B team cost themselves leading to new champs in what will be a fine encounter between these two teams.

Winner:- New RAW Tag Champs, The Revival

Cedric Alexander vs Drew Gulak
WWE Cruiserweight Championship

I am huge fan of 205 Live. Since the end of Enzo era this show has processed a lot by the hands of Triple H and Drake Maverick. This match will certainly be a Match of the Night contender and this will be great to see. A easy 15-20 minutes to these two will give you one of the best matches to look out. The strength and quickness of Cedric and Ground work by Gulak.
In the last few weeks we have seen Gulak and his friends The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher lost to Cedric but they both managed to hurt Cedric which will give a +1 for Drew. Drew has a lot of chance and I certainly feel that the UNBEATEN WRESTLER OF 2018 will finally TAP OUT and we will have a new champ.

Winner:- New CW Champion, DREW GULAK.

Now we are headed to the MAIN SHOW.
I expect Pyros but nope their won’t be. That’s sad, right ?
Anyway let’s focus on the matches, shall we ?

SDLive Tag Team Championships
New Day vs The Bludgeon Brothers.

This will be a big brawl I expect. Bludgeon Brothers aka 2B are strong and have been dominating every team they have faced. I would love to see them face The Authors of Pain but at Sunday we will see them against the PANCAKE WARRIORS, THE NEW DAY! New Day has been sensational. Giving great matches every time they step foot in the ring. This week’s match with SANITY. LAST WEEK’S Match with The Bar. They have been giving great matches and I certainly hope they deliver against the Bludgeoners.

I expect that Big E took out Harper with a Spear through ropes but 2B will capatilize and beat him up and then wreck Kofi/Woods and retain.

Winner- Still Champs, The Bludgeon Brothers

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Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin :

I don’t like this feud at all. It’s boring and they have been overdoing it. They have faced each other numerous times on RAW and it always felt boring and as far as I am concerned this will work as a bathroom break after that Tag Match we saw in the opener. Balor will counter the end of days and hit 1916 and then Coup De Grace for win. I miss Demon Balor. He was so cool. I hope after this match the feud ends!

Winner:- Finn Balor

MATCH #6 :
Carmella vs Becky vs Charlotte Flair.

I was suspecting that Becky would win at Summerslam until Charlotte got involved, making the match completely unpredictable. This would be a good match I guess. Carmella is doing good and I hope she deliver in ring but with the RELENTLESS fire Becky there. I hope she may take out Charlotte at the closing seconds and win the match and the title and we will finally be living in the word of THE LASS KICKER, again! Mella ain’t Money!

Winner:- NEW SDLive Women’s Champion:- Becky Lynch

Well, we almost made it to half through in this feed.
I am suspecting this match would be for

Owens vs Braun Strowman.
In this match I am expecting a lot of tensions between these two. This will be similar to Ambrose vs Miz from Extreme Rules 2017. They will tease you but eventually Braun will wreck Owens and retain his briefcase.

Winner: Braun Strowman.

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AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe :

This will be a ground breaking match I guess. Two of the best performers WWE have today. They will ruin each others’ lives. This rivalry is personal and we may see an angry side of AJ and we will also see the more diverse Samoa Joe. It would be awesome to see. I guess Joe would lock his coquinna clutch a flying forearm for win.

Winner:- NEW WWE Champion, Samoa Joe.

IC Championship
Seth Rollins with Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler with Drew McIntyre :

I see this will be an amazing match but the distraction will make this match poor. I like both of them and I am completely invested. I see a ref bump. Drew beating Seth but Dean would took him out and help Seth win which will make him new champ and on RAW we will see Dean turn heel and will challenge the new champ for belt and for Drew-Dolph I think they will split or may go for Universal Title.

Winner:- NEW CHAMP, Seth Rollins

Daniel Bryan vs The Miz :

This will be an extremely physical and great storytelling filled match. Probably the best main roster match for Miz. They will tear each other, kill each other and most importantly expose each other to show who is better and who is the more DEFIANT one out of these two. This is the match I am looking forward to the most as far as my prediction. I am thinking Daniel Betan counters a SCF and locks in Yes Lock for win.

Winner:- Daniel Bryan

Match #11

RAW Women’s Championship
Alexa Bliss vs Ronda Rousey :

Have you ever seen a SQUASH ? This will be that. Bliss will stall. Ronda will throw her, slam her, beat her, fly her in the air and then the crossarmbar lock and it’s over. New Champ. This would be the thing I would love to see. Ronda beating the annoying heel and Finally wining the gold

Winner:- New Champ, Ronda Rousey

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jeff Hardy
US Championship :

This feud has been very intresting. This match would be good. They will tease you that Jeff is winning but ultimatly a RKO from Randy orton and it ends in a DQ. Randy will beat him up. Shinsuke will try to join but he will get a RKO too.

Winner:- Jeff Hardy by DQ

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The last chapter to this feud. This will be a better match than what have we seen at GRR and WM 34. Roman will do his best taking the beating his life and then coming of explosive and beating the STRONGEST BEAST in the whole town. Braun cashes in. Beats up Roman, turns heel but will get a cheer from crowd and beats Roman and wins the title.

Winner: Roman as New Champ but Braun cashes in successfully.

So, this is my predictions. I am expecting a lot of title changes but I hope it’s true. What are your thoughts ? Comment it and help me in my articles if you think I need places to improve!