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Another month went by and with it another PPV from the WWE. SummerSlam was a hit and do you know why? Premium superstars stole the show, not the big names. So, if you are thinking SummerSlam was legit because of the main event, you are wrong, WWE used the current talents, the best the company has to offer in some amazing way to sell out the SummerSlam PPV with whopping TV ratings.

Some of the best matches of the evening would certainly be Rollins taking on Ziggler and the clash between TNA favorites. I had personally though, SummerSlam would have been a loss because of some horrible set ups but the producers booked the matches in an awesome way. Without any more delay, let’s just get straight in to the talking points of WWE SummerSlam.

5. The RAWlins Show :

Did you not see that coming? Weeks and weeks of being bullied by Ziggler and Drew with numerous losses because of interruptions, WWE finally gives back the audience, the SHIELD. Yes, if you don’t know, Dean Ambrose returned last week on RAW to stay and fight beside Rollins if Drew interferes in the match, which he did, but nothing helped him as the ‘Lunatic Fringe’ was there to take him out.
Talking about the original match, yes, I’ll agree, it took a long time to heat things up but once it was all heated, the match was just. I’m finding difficulty in using the right words, it was just so amazing. WWE also didn’t need any rapid fire commentary like JR or Cole; it was a pure sell out just because of the superstars involved.
We didn’t get to see heel Ambrose yet, I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow night to find out how things transpire, but accentually WWE has plans.

4. The Monstrous Myth:

What if Kevin beats the monster among men? What if he gets the briefcase and cashes it in to become the Universal Champion? Not a single what if happened, earlier tonight as Braun just monster-handled KO once again. In retaliation from KO, a super kick was the only action we got to see.
The WWE did an amazing job here. What job exactly? The job of attracting more eyes on this Braun and KO feud, so people get eager about the main event, i.e. Reigns and Lesnar. Being honest they successfully accomplished this mission. People were actually starting to have second thoughts on the match between the monster and KO.
It was a well played strategy by the company to get what it needed, more traffic and more push to the monster. The match was not a waste though.WWE had it all in control with this match, but they left people’s desires unsatisfied again. People would have loved a little aggression from the KO but instead he was decimated.

3. Irrelevancy Of The Best Match With Irrelevant Placing :

Who is the best wrestler in the world? CM Punk? No, that was just a catchphrase, but who actually is? Roman Reigns? Dude, he just started wrestling in 2010 and got lucky because he shares the same blood of the Rock. Seth Rollins? He is the man for sure but not yet enough accolades, he certainly is the company’s best but not the world best, so who is it?

AJ Styles, the best wrestler, why? Champion all around the world, has same accolades like Brock except the UFC. And, he was going on to face another man who is almost like him, Samoa Joe. An exceptional match, just incredible, but what went wrong? The way the match came to an end, it is evident that the feud is going to be a long one. However, it is going to be irrelevant like the other B grade shows. SmackDown is still in a despicable state, only Styles is the person keeping it alive.
A classic battle between the two with an incredible twist, and even gore, this match is my match of the summer for me. AJ always steals the show, if you are having a flop PPV, just putt in AJ, he will do the rest.

2. ROWDY Rousey :

Ronda Rousey has been Judo throwing every security guard in her wake while Alexa Bliss has continued to set the standard for a heel promo in Raw’s talented women’s division.
Rousey’s storyline suspension allowed the feud to slowly build to a crescendo, and Bliss barely slipping away at every turn has kept fans hungry to see her get beaten and victimized.
Despite being in only her third pay-per-view match, the time does seem right for Rousey to capture her first Raw Women’s Championship. And if this hungry Brooklyn crowd doesn’t wake up with the excitement like Ronda, WWE is sure to have made the correct decision.

1. It Finally Reigned :

Guess what happened! It finally reigned, yes Roman reigned over the beast in the most amazing match build I’ve seen. Before the match could start, Braun walked up to them and told them that after they are done fighting, he is going to cash in and take away the title, face to face like a real man. The match barely started, Roman bedazzled Brock with showers of superman punches.

Reigns speared him two times and on his third attempt, Brock countered it in a headlock. That continued for well over a minute, when Brock finally started doing his German’s and he went for the finishing blow, but Reigns counter here turned the game for him. He took out Braun, and Lesnar beat up Braun and threw his briefcase far, he was so busy in him that missed Reigns final retribution in his spear to get his three counts. Braun was nowhere to be seen, Reigns was shouting at Heyman some phrases.

The fans bought it, WWE is successful in making Reigns the face. Now, we have to wait and see what happens tomorrow night at RAW. Will we see heel Dean and will we finally see the face Reigns. WWE finally has some change of plans and I’m excited.
It was a pleasure bringing you the talking points for WWE SummerSlam 2018. I hope you had a great night.