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The RAW after SummerSlam is the second most excitement filled RAW after RAW following WrestleMania. We had high hopes, and to be really honest, RAW was good, pretty good.

We finally have the privilege to see a full time champion in the building, we have the ‘Baddest’ woman on Earth as the RAW Women’s Champion, we have the ‘Freaking’, ‘Grand Slam’ Rollins as our Intercontinental Champion, and somewhat hilarious B – Team as the RAW Tag Champs.

We had a perfect night at the summer’s biggest event, ‘SummerSlam’, and was the RAW following it good? Let’s not talk more and dip right into the Talking Points for tonight’s Monday Night RAW.

5. What Is Up With The SHIELD?

Where is Ambrose? He returned, right? He was supposed to turn his back on Rollins, why didn’t he? Well, maybe the night after SummerSlam, but he didn’t.

Seriously, is something wrong? I think nothing is wrong. WWE is trying to manipulate the viewers. They want to trick us into thinking that the SHIELD is back, but in reality, they are planning for a ‘The Destruction of The SHIELD 2.0’.

It might seem the ‘Hounds of Justice’ are preying their opponents and anyone who gets in way but I think the rift will start because of Rollins and Reigns. Reigns is Universal Champion that is prestige. Rollins is Intercontinental Champion that is prestigious whilst Ambrose is? He just returned, but I think he will feel left out and hence go for the hunt.
Earlier tonight Ambrose took on Ziggler, his first single after his long awaited return, which he won. Also, Reigns was defending his Universal Championship against Finn. Reigns conquered him, but Braun cashed in, but before the ref. could ring the bell, it went Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta and behold the hounds who took Strowman out of the occasion and gave the audience a feast.

4. No More Boos For Reigns?

Reigns was the most hated superstar of recent times. To be frank people liked booing him, it was like a trend and it was started the moment the company throwing him in the ‘Face of the Company’ spotlight.
The company wanted Reigns for the face, however the audience had no interest at all, they liked the Beast better. So, the company decided to take out the Beast out of the picture, that was dirty, but they successfully made people get bored with Lesnar to such an extent that people would have taken in any champion but Lesnar.

Reigns won, he received some boos but they were a lot less than before. He stood us against Finn tonight and believe me when I say it, Reigns and Finn nailed it.

Like it or not, Reigns has a list of great matches under his belt and this one will fall under it surely. The show stole the heart and the cheers, but they were overpowered with Braun cashing in. The people were ready to see Braun as the Universal Champion, but then those cheers were overpowered with the sounds of Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta, which were then overpowered by the crowd in anticipation of the situation.

After a really long time, RAW felt like RAW, we don’t have Cena now, but it isn’t bad at all, it is going great.

3. The Women’s Situation :

Another great victory for Rousey and yet another Championship celebration with the female superstars around the ring. Stephanie came in to congratulate Rousey on her win for the RAW Women’s Championship.
Stephanie was taken out as usual by Rousey again. Bliss had her arm in a sling.

The current situation is what’s next? Who will be Ronda facing next? With whom will Ronda start a legendary feud?
Ronda has been successful in the company. Some might think Ronda is too early for a championship, I disagree. Ronda Rousey has won the championship in the right time.
This celebration was just an excuse by the company for a delay in feud or a new feud, since the latter didn’t happen, we will be delayed for some ‘Rowdy’ action.

2. WWE Doesn’t Walk With Elias :

Have you noticed? WWE has very little tolerance for Elias. They are currently blank now. They don’t seem to have ideas for Elias, the B- Team and even Titus Worldwide and the AOP.
People are not quite fascinated by the screenings; they would rather see more of premium class than the underdogs. WWE has to improve things. We all know small things can lead to big things. If the company can book the feuds in a handsome way, they will surely score a place in the top rivalries of all times.

1. The Angle Changer :

Yes, exactly, Angle has been changed, well replaced for time being will be more specific. After the Stephanie situation, she was seen backstage with Bliss and Corbin applying ice packs. Kurt came in to apologize about the situation and Corbin put some oil in the fire and Lo! Stephanie gave Angle some time to rest whilst Corbin takes on RAW.
This was a nice thing to do. Angle had kept things in control, he kept it nice, but people don’t like nice stuff and hence Corbin will do just fine. People will not like his actions but everything will have a price and the price will be loved by the crowd.

Those were the talking points for Monday Night RAW, August 21, 2018. I hope you like the points, and special mention to the fact that Brock invoked a rematch clause at Hell in a Cell which was declined by Kurt. However, we have Corbin as the acting GM now, will Paul approach him again and ask for the rematch? If that happens we might as well witness a firsthand demolition at Hell in a Cell.