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After an epic PPV two days ago, The blue brand comes waltzing back into our lives. GM Paige has announced the rematch between the New day and Bludegeon Brothers after the controversial finish last Sunday.

After weeks of attacks, Jeff Hardy will finally be getting his hands on Randy Orton. AJ Styles will be asking an apology from the crowd in Brooklyn after what transpired between him and Samoa Joe last Sunday.


Last Sunday The New Day took on the current and reigning Smackdown tag team champions to the limit and it would be safe to say that the New Day almost had been crowned the six times WWE tag team champions if not for Eric Rowan, who used his mallet and thus the epic showdown ended with a scrutinised ending.

Now GM Paige on Monday announced a rematch between the two teams and declared the match as a “NO DQ” match.

Will the Bludegeon brothers be able to dominate once again or will it be a NEW DAY in Brooklyn?


In a spectacular match at Summerslam last Sunday, the A-lister once again triumphed with his antiques.
While the Miz was celebrating his victory, Daniel Bryan was fuming with anger over his loss against his nemesis..

Now it would be interesting to look that how the leader of the YES movement will respond against the Miz.


Entire WWE universe (including the newly crowned champion) was shocked last night when the Irish lass kicker turned on her friend.

Becky Lynch has been chasing the WWE women’s title since 2 years, and it might not be wrong to say that when she finally had the opportunity, her friend Charlotte capsized on it instead and this might be the very reason of her getting angry on Charlotte. Now it would be safe to say that the friendship of Becky and Charlotte is effectively ruined! What Becky would have to say in the upcoming SDL…And will the Queen retaliate?


It has been tough times for Jeff Hardy since some weeks. Last Sunday he lost in his match against Shinsuke Nakamura for the US title. Though his enmity with Nakamura seems to be over but now it is time for Jeff to deal with his other foe who has been constantly subjecting him to abuses.

Will the charismatic enigma be able to prevail the viper or will the predator finish off his prey?


The WWE champion AJ Styles will today be in an exclusive interview explaining and expressing remorse for his actions at Summerslam. The WWE Champion was in the middle of what was turning into a phenomenal bout, until Joe said some bad words about his family which led Styles to lose his cool and with a revengeful attitude he attacked his challenger with chair shots!

Now it is for sure that this rivalry is far from over and Joe will now be coming for the Champ.