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The big night had arrived, but what did this night have in store for us? Last week, the RAW after WWE SummerSlam was a success, and even more than that was some old school SHIELD beat down. We had a women’s title celebration and we had the displeasure of seeing Kurt sent off.

Weeks come and go, but are we really so much excited about the future? Monday Night RAW is here again, live from Toronto and without much ado let’s just get in to the talking points for last night’s red brand action.

1. The Big Dog And Monster Have Been Sealed :

Roman Reigns came out, showing dominance whilst talking big about accepting any challenge that came in his way. A tweet from Strowman showed that he’s not afraid to take him face to face still. Strowman does come out and Reigns urges him to cash in to have a fight but Strowman backs down, says he will cash it in September 16.
He makes a deal out Reigns to face him at WWE Hell In a Cell PPV. Reigns didn’t seem displeased whatsoever. It seems the company is trying to push up the importance of the Universal Championship. They are just putting aside the legacy of the WWE Championship or the WWE Heavy Weight Championship.
However, this seems quite settled than what we have had in the past. A great start to the show with some huge announcements.

2. The Balor And Baron Situation :

This rivalry has been going on for quite a long time now. It started as Baron the RAW constable and now it’s Baron the acting GM of RAW. They have had their equal shares of matches in the industry until recently Baron showed his disappointment with Finn. Both the superstars had decided to make it final in WWE SummerSlam where Finn took out Baron. Actually, Demon Finn did it, so Baron wants the shot at him again, this time he mentions he wants the MAN not the DEMON.
They engage in a not so cool fight, Balor clearly has the upper hand and that point the GM make it a no disqualification! Comes a chair shot to the spine of Balor and the End of Days to pick up the win.

It is really interesting how the company is leading this feud out to something else. A bigger stage maybe.

Special Mentions: Shawn Michaels is to come at next week’s Monday Night RAW.

3. KO Putting On A Show?

Do you remember him? Yes, he’s the guy who beat John Cena on his debut, he is the guy who won the Universal Championship after Balor relinquished it, and he was the guy with so many potentials. However, his story took a huge turn when he was involved in a feud with the McMahon, precisely Shane O. They were in a match in WrestleMania where, KO looses, he is fired from the SD Live roster and he did loose and he was fired, he came back to RAW using Stephanie’s help, he was granted a MITB briefcase match by Stephanie and he accepted Rollins’s open challenge for the IC title. But do we know the one common thing between them all? LOSS! Yes, he lost.
We all know what Rollins is capable of, hadn’t AJ been a part of WWE, Seth would have been the one but we know he does fantastic and so does KO. Give two a amazing talents and they will give you the best match. Seth and KO did the same, it was a hard tackle but in the end Seth’s curbstomp finished it for KO.
KO sat in the middle of the ring and left the stadium blankly saying, “I QUIT!”
Does that indicate KO’s end? Or does it mean KO is frustrated with himself? I simply say the company is giving a break to KO for some time and he will return soon with an ambition and he will take his revenge on all of the losses. Since, the company doesn’t see a potential feud with Owens and anybody WWE has done the right thing I’d say, well unless KO retires or something.
Rollins is not stopping being amazing, it will interesting to see the upcoming future for him and the SHIELD.

4. Will You Walk With Me?

The Elias segment was a hit, we have classic Elias and then we have Trish Stratus come up to the ring, and the audience is ‘Stratusfied’! There was a moment where I thought Trish kinda has it for Elias but then Elias got himself all wrong when he insults her. Well, that was all from the segment and income Ronda and Natalya.
Then comes out the ex champion Bliss with her ally Fox. They say things aren’t equal so to match their trio, they get Mickie James. Then Natalya taking on Fox match was a very short match, Natalya won the submission and they have their post match celebration and the audience loved it.
Backstage we have the Bella Twins congratulating the girls on their win when comes the big ‘wait for it’ news. The Bella Twins will be back in RAW from the next week. This is a treat for the women’s division. And it was a moment of ‘Stratusfaction’ for the women’s progression as the next big thing.

5. The Next Big Feud Is Here :

Last week on RAW, the SHIELD decimated the monster, this week the SHIELD got decimated. Earlier in the night a match was set between Dolph and McIntyre against the duo of Reigns and Strowman. It was a pretty good fight and then Reigns needed a tag, he got tagged Braun in, but he didn’t come in.

Instead Dolph and Drew started beating down Reigns and then came Strowman as well. Reigns was helpless, then came Ambrose, but he was taken out too and finally Rollins was burned to the ground as well. The SHIELD lay down fallen, when Braun power slams all.
Then they pose for the cameras as they are the one thing which the SHIELD won’t be able to handle.
This is awesome, the SHIELD is supposedly back for another feud with the trio of Dolph, Drew and Braun. WWE has no plans for the titles yet, but when it comes to the SHIELD, we can be rest assured that the night is just amazing.
These were the five talking points from RAW. I hope you liked them and I hope you liked RAW too, WWE is finally picking up the gear it hadn’t been using.