5 Things To Keep An Eye Upon In WWE Hell In A Cell 0


● Venue- AT&T CENTER 

We are just hours away from witnessing some gruelsome matches in the most hellacious structure in the entire Sports Entertainment history! The WWE Hell In A Cell has arrived again. We have compiled five such points on which you need to have a eye upon during the event.


The long withstanding rivalry of Miz and Daniel has now reached a new milestone when they both will participate in a Mixed tag team match, alongside with their better halves.

Daniel Bryan has always been in a back step against the A-lister. Now with Brie Bella in his side will he finally be able to end this curse?


The Queen will defend her hard-won or ill-gotten, depending on whom you ask — SmackDown Women’s Title against her former friend at the WWE Hell in a Cell PPV.

This rivalry has turned more and more volatile since the day Becky betrayed her friend by attacking her after the match. Will the Queen be able to guard her Title or will the Irish Lass Kicker snatch it away?


Since many weeks, the Viper has been terrifying the WWE universe and Jeff Hardy with his random attacks.
The Charismatic Enigma snapped during a singles match where he went ahead to take a DQ loss by attacking Orton and later delivering a wild Swanton bomb.

Now both of these superstars will be concluding their tense and heated rivalry at HELL IN A CELL!

Will Jeff delete his rival or the Predator be successful in hunting his prey?


One of the most combustible rivalries in the Blue brand will take another step at HIAC when the P1 steps to defend his title against the Samoan Submission Machine!

Samoa Joe came knocking on the door of The House that AJ Styles Built, and the force of relentless dominance sauntered into the title fight having already demonstrated that he had no issues using The Phenomenal One’s family to get inside his opponent’s head. Now no one is getting away after abusing styles’ family on live TV.

Will Styles avenge the hurles on his family or will Joe end the historic reign of the WWE Champion?


In true Monster in the Bank fashion, Strowman claimed there was no way he’d cash in his coveted Money in the Bank contract with a sneak-attack. Instead, he plans to cash in his contract at HIAC.

Since last year, the Rivalry of Braun and Roman has led into some of the best matches on the Red Brand, and their is not any other way to end this Destructive rivalry than concluding it in the HELL IN A CELL! And what makes it more historic that the legend Mick Foley will be referring in this much anticipated bout.

Will the Big Dog be able to retain his title or will he GET THESE HANDS?