Babun Banerjee Slowly & Silently Shifting To Tutu Bose Camp Before Elections 0

IMG 20180919 WA0002 - Babun Banerjee Slowly & Silently Shifting To Tutu Bose Camp Before Elections

Elections in the two Kolkata clubs- Mohun Bagan and East Bengal are never short drama. In recent years the hype surrounding the elections at the Green and Maroon tent have increased some folds compared to East Bengal where oppositions rarely contest. This year the Mohun Bagan election has already attracted unprecedented attention for mostly wrong reasons offcourse, with the teams of two old war-horses Tutu Bose and Anjan Mitra being pitted against each other.

Babun Banerjee, the brother of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will be playing a crucial role in the elections. Although Babun was always known to be a Bagan supporter, his involvement in the club management had never been so prominent except the last few months where he currently holds the designation of Football Secretary.

Babun Banerjee, an important trump card of the Bagan elections have stayed with the Anjan Mitra troop and it was Mitra who promoted him to the role of Football Secretary. But as things stand, Banerjee is shifting gangs as he has given prominent indication to his near and dear ones that he might be with Tutu Bose in the upcoming elections scheduled to take place in the last week of October.

Babun shifting sides will be a big blow to Mitra squad as the ongoing trend reflects that majority of the Bagan faithful is with Tutu Bose and Co. Possibly, having assumed the fate of the elections, Babun Banerjee has already decided to slowly and silently shift tents before the election to not fall in the negative radar of the Bose camp. Few days ago he said,”I am a supporter of Mohun Bagan first and foremost. I respect both Anjan Mitra and Tutu Bose”. It was possibly an indication of the things which were set to arrive.