“We Are Not Crazy About Tiki-Taka”: Carles Cuadrat 0

Carles Cuadrat

“We Are Not Crazy About Tiki-Taka”: Bengaluru FC Head Coach Carles Cuadrat

Carles Cuadrat with shot-stopper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu and midfielder Dimas Delgado were present for the ISL Media day, 2018 representing Bengaluru FC which was held in Bengaluru. Bengaluru FC will face defending champions Chennaiyin FC to kick start their season at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium on September 30, 2018.
Carles Cuadrat specified that, he wants to maintain the standard that Bengaluru FC has for the past five years. He mentioned that, “We want to win trophies like we have in the past seasons, and we also want to reach the final stages of the competitions. The club has always been competitive and when you reach that stage, it’s just about the last few games which decide whether you become champions or not.”

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When asked about West Block Blues, Carles said that, “It’s amazing to have them. As we travel all over Asia we have the support from them everywhere. We have even pictures of them in our office where they supported us in Doha. All we can say is thanks and it feels like home when play outside too, very important for a club.”

When Carles was questioned about the style of play from Bengaluru FC that can be expected this season, he replied that, “We have Spanish players and it’s not about Tiki-taka. Our target is to win the game and we’re not crazy in passing the balls with Tiki-taka style. We just want to arrive to the opponent’s goal and score with passes without long balls.”

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu welcomes the international breaks and backs this break as it gives a lot of time for all the players which will be helpful for them to have a break and come back fresh as it is usual around the globe. He said that, “It is a good opportunity for players to rest a bit after having almost played in half of the league. The injured players have time to recover. It is something which is useful. If the league keeps getting longer every year, it is something we can use to our advantage.” When asked about his pre-season experience, Indian and Bengaluru custodian replied that, “When I arrived there, I suffered with chicken pox. Just to play with such quality sides, I wasn’t completely recovered but yet just wanted to experience that. I got wonderful reception from the fans there, which makes me to give more and best for the club.” Sandhu also signed a recent five-year deal with Bengaluru FC and when asked about that, shot-stopper replied that, “Players can still be signed irrespective of the deal. I am trying to concentrate and improve myself in Bengaluru FC. If I get any offers from Europe which will really give me chance to play, I will accept it for sure. If not, I will reject it and I am happy here in Bengaluru FC.”

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Spanish midfielder, Dimas Delgado is motivated and determined to start the season against Chennaiyin FC. He added that, “I am going to start where I left off. We had a good pre-season and I am prepared for the challenges. I am excited to play Chennaiyin FC again and make sure that, we win it.” Dimas also added that, “We had a wonderful experience in Spain, playing some talented players who put you in to trouble.” Bengaluru FC will host Chennaiyin FC on September 30th at Sree Kanteerava Stadium to kick off their Indian Super League campaign.