“You Can’t Make A Mini Cooper A Ferrari So You Have To Deal With The Qualities You Have And Fit That Into System” : Eelco Schattorie 0

DnsoBFCW4AANBDC 680x382 - "You Can't Make A Mini Cooper A Ferrari So You Have To Deal With The Qualities You Have And Fit That Into System" : Eelco Schattorie

With just a few days left for the start of the new season, Eelco Schattorie along with Redeem Tlang and Bartholomew Ogbeche were present at the ISL media day representing NorthEast United in Kolkata. Although North East United are yet to register their place in the final four in previous editions of the league, the coach Eelco Schattorie believes that this season their aim will be to reach the playoffs.

Speaking of the last year’s disappointment Eelco Schattorie said, “I was here last year but only for the last few months, having no idea about what happened before. Avram and I had eight games in our hand out of which we won one, we drew one and lost the rest of the games with the same scoreline of 1-0. Although losing is losing but we did make progress even if we lost those games. Now there is no time to look back on that. Right now with the rest of the team, I would like to achieve the goal that was not yet achieved by this club.”  

Eelco Schattorie also spoke about the goals that he would be looking to achieve this season. The Dutchman said, “My main goal that I always try to achieve with any club would be to implement young players, make them grow. The thing with the younger players is inconsistency sometimes they can go up and sometimes they can go down. So the huge task for me would be to bring some consistency. So far what I have seen and what I am most happy with this squad is everybody is glueing together as a team. I always take the example of Taj Mahal which was not built in one day, it took many years but it is still standing and that’s what I always say when you want to build something it takes time.”

On his expectations from Redeem Tlang and Bartholomew Ogbeche Eelco said, “Barth(Bartholomew Ogbeche) has played in Holland last season which will be helpful for me because I am from Holland. Barth
has a really good goal scoring record. He is very strong in holding the ball which is the way I like to play. I like to play with a striker who can hold the ball and others can support. I am really impressed with his attitude. Redeem who comes from the North-East is multifunctional. He plays on the wing but he can be deployed in the midfield too he really has great learning capacity. I am really impressed by his learning capacity in picking up things.”

When questioned about the style of football that NorthEast United would be playing this season he responded, “I am known to play attacking football but I prefer to play productive football. I am not a person that likes to hang back and play on the counter attacks. I prefer to attack and dominate. In order to dominate you need quality and I always say you cannot make a Mini Cooper a Ferrari so you have to deal with the qualities you have and fit that into a system that it fits but my intention is always to try to win.”

The former Shillong Lajong man Redeem Tlang spoke about his personal goals for this season. He said, “I would like to improve individually and help the team to achieve the goal of reaching the playoffs.” To this, the coach added, “As a winger Redeem’s main aim should be to give a lot of assists and a lot of goals.” His teammate Bartholomew Ogbeche who
also present spoke about his goals with North East United, “I would try to put in lots and lots of hard work. As the coach said we have got a very young squad probably the youngest in the league but that doesn’t change our goals. We would fight our place in the playoffs.”

About the departure of his assistant coach Avram Grant, he said,
“I had good cooperation with assistant coach Avram but unfortunately, he has now got other opportunities that he could take but he will still be on my side for advice which this means I have to run the show alone. This season we have many young players in the team who will bring some young spirit to the team and one of the things that we really want to do this season is to qualify for the playoffs for the first time which in general is the main goal for now.”

Eelco Schattorie finally spoke about professionalism coming into into the Indian football due to the ISL, “The other day from one of the two Croatian players in our team after his few days in India said that this is much more professional than in Croatia. The organization around the league making sure that everybody is staying in good hotels with good facilities so on that part for sure it is an improvement in football. The biggest improvement has been the expansion of the league with more teams since the start of the ISL and now with the longer format would allow the players to grow and develop.”